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Operations & Maintenance Shops


The Electrical / Mechanical Shop is responsible for the operation and maintenance of elevators and other lifting devices, motors and electrical / mechanical equipment and  systems, electrical motors / systems associated with standby and emergency generating systems, and vehicles and associated equipment.

The 4 Elevator Mechanics are specifically responsible for the legislated maintenance and repairs of the 120 elevators on campus.  This includes the pulleys, guides, etc.  The 4 Motor Mechanics are specifically responsible for the operation of stationary and portable motors, electrical drive systems, commercial kitchen equipment, all types of pumps, and ventilation system components.  The 5 Motor Service Mechanics are responsible for the general service and minor repairs to building equipment, ie. changing of filters, lubricating / adjusting / cleaning equipment.  The 1 Generator Mechanic ensures the operation of approximately 40 standby generators on campus.  This includes weekly and monthly testing.  The 2 Vehicle Mechanics are responsible for the maintenance and repair of campus vehicles, which includes vehicle emission testing.

Concerns regarding the Electrical / Mechanical operations can be directed to the Facilities Management Service Centre at ext. 83304 or Facilities



The Mechanical Shop consists of Plumbers, Steam Fitters, Refrigeration Mechanics, Sheet Metal Mechanics, and Welders.

The 7 Plumbers are specifically responsible for the domestic hot, cold, and recirculation water distribution, polished water systems, lab services which includes compressed air and vacuum pumps and systems, chlorine systems, storm and sanitary systems, sewage lift stations, and swimming pool systems.  The main part of campus has 3 locations where the City of London’s municipal water system is piped into our internal distribution loop.  The Plumbers have the ability to re-route the water when there is a watermain break in our main piping. 

The 3 Steam Fitters are responsible for the steam distribution, hydronic and heating / cooling systems on campus which includes piping, converters, pressure reducing stations, vacuum pumps, and steam operated kitchen equipment.  The one Gas Fitter maintains all gas fired equipment including boilers, water heaters and make-up air units. 

The 3 Refrigeration Mechanics are responsible for the operation of commercial refrigeration systems (walk-in refrigerators and freezers, ice making equipment, water coolers), campus centrifugal water chillers, and direct expansion systems.  These Mechanics also maintain laboratory equipment which include ultra low temperature cabinets, and environmental chambers.

The 3 Sheet Metal Mechanics and 2 Welders layout and fabricate metal products.  This includes metal and PVC ductwork, dampers, louvres, roof flashing, preventative maintenance on fresh air dampers and grilles, the layout, cutting and welding of metal products and assists the Steam fitters on the service of high pressure air equipment and systems.

Concerns regarding the Mechanical operations can be directed to the Facilities Management Service Centre at ext. 83304 or Facilities



The Control Shop is specifically responsible for the climate control systems on campus.  When a too cold or too hot complaint is received, the Control Mechanics investigate the cause - this could be a malfunctioning thermostat in the space, a faulty control valve located at the air handler in the mechanical room or at the volume box in the ceiling space, or one of the many sensors located in the expansive heating and cooling piping systems may require re-calibration.  Facilities Management currently has 3 Control Mechanics that cover all of the heating, cooling, and fume hood control systems on campus.

The Electrical Shop is specifically responsible for campus’s primary and secondary electrical systems associated end devices, motor control systems, in-house Facilities Management communications and signal systems, fire alarms, and central fire monitoring.  London Hydro provides service to the 3 electrical sub-stations on campus, then Western has it’s own distribution system between the 55 sub-stations and buildings.  The system allows electricity to be re-routed when parts of the campus experience a power outage.  The 8  Electricians also are responsible for the service within each building to each end device, lighting, branch circuit wiring, fire alarm systems and devices, and emergency lighting systems.

Concerns regarding controls / electrical operations can be directed to the Facilities Management Service Centre at ext. 83304 or Facilities



The Structural Shop consists of Asbestos Workers and Asbestos Removal Service Persons, Carpenter / Asbestos Service Mechanics, Carpenters, Roofing Mechanic, Locksmiths and Locksmith Service Mechanics, Painters, and the Project Crew.

The Carpenter Shop consists of 10 personnel who are responsible for skilled asbestos abatement work and carpentry work associated with maintenance and construction.  This includes fabrication and installation of partitions, ceilings, floors, windows, doors, masonry repairs, firestopping, installation of white boards and chalk boards, lead and mould abatement.  The Roofing Mechanic performs on-site inspections of roofing systems and performs routine repairs.

The Paint Shop consists of 8 personnel who are responsible for skilled work associated with painting, refinishing, taping and finishing drywall installations, glazing, and some minor plaster repair projects.

The Lock Shop consists of 4 personnel who are responsible for key duplication, cutting keys, installation and repair of lock sets, electronic locks, panic alarms, sign engraving services, and minor repairs to doors, windows, and washroom accessories. This includes weather stripping, automatic door bottoms and door sweeps, pin hinges, and door closures.  The Lock Shop stamps, catalogues, and stores all keys used on campus according to the key code file system.

The Project Crew consists of a number of tradespersons from the Carpenter Shop, the Paint Shop, the Mechanical Shop (Plumber) and the Controls / Electrical Shop (Electrician).  These personnel work with Facilities Engineering at Facilities Management and provide an efficient means of carrying out multi-trade projects on short notice at Western.  The Project Crew can implement departmentally funded renovation projects and some capital projects.

Concerns regarding the Structural operations can be directed to the Facilities Management Service Centre at ext. 83304 or Facilities



The Grounds Services are responsible for the maintenance of hard surfaces and soft landscaped areas in keeping with seasonal adjustments.  The 9 Operators responsibilities include grass maintenance, asphalt repair, signs, fences, sidewalks, winter control, athletic facilities, seasonal clean up and garbage removal.  A Horticulturist implements the weed and plant care programs which include planting and maintaining trees, shrubs and flowers, pruning, trimming, cultivating, watering, seeding, aerating, rolling, and fertilizing lawn and plant areas.  The Operators and Horticulturist are also responsible for the snow plowing and salting of roads, parking lots and sidewalks.

The Recycling Services retrieve recyclable materials from approximately 130 loading docks on campus.  This material is then sorted by the 2 recycling personnel into large bulk bins for transfer to a recycle broker. Materials include fluorescent bulbs, electronic equipment, beverage containers, scrap metals, cardboard, and paper products.  Western diverts approximately 2.6 million pounds of material from the waste stream to a renewable resource each year.

Concerns regarding Grounds & Recycling operations can be directed to the Facilities Management Service Centre at ext. 83304 or Facilities