Campus Community Police Service

Emergency Phones

What is a Blue Emergency Phone?

Blue phoneA safe campus is our mission and through many community policing initiatives and public cooperation we strive to achieve this objective. Emergencies can occur and should a
situation arise, help is a mere phone call away.

One method for contacting us is through the Code Blue Emergency Phones. These are emergency phones, which provide direct two-way communications to the Police Communications Operators in the Communications Centre. There are 22 Emergency Phones located strategically on grounds throughout the campus. At any campus location you are only a few seconds away from a direct link to the Police should a situation arise where you require assistance. These locations include:

How to use Emergency Blue Phones

The Code Blue Emergency Phones are simple to operate. With a touch of the “Emergency” button, a direct 9-1-1 emergency communication line is established and the user is connected to a Police Communications Operator.

When to use an Emergency Blue Phone

The Code Blue Emergency Phones have been installed for safety. All campus users; including students, faculty, staff and the public are encouraged to activate the phones if they encounter any situation that makes them uncomfortable. The Code Blue Emergency Phones are for your convenience and should be used: