PMA Committees

A great way to get involved with the PMA is to join one of our committees. With a number to choose from, your skills and expertise will be a welcome addition to our already strong teams. To learn more about each of our PMA committees, please click below.

     Executive  |  Communications  |  Negotiating  |  Equity & Outreach  |  Pension & Benefits  |  Personnel Policies  |  Support Group


The PMA Executive is comprised of the President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and the Chairs of various committees.

Chris Thompson President, Continuing Studies
Melanie Molnar First Vice President, Faculty of Education
Deanne Babcock Secretary/Treasurer Financial Services
Leslie Gloor Duncan Past-President Student Success Centre
Deanne Babcock PPC Co-Chair Financial Services
Melanie Molnar PPC Co-Chair Faculty of Education
Chris Thompson Negotiations Co-Chair Continuing Studies
Debbie Acton Negotiations Co-Chair Western Libraries
Kim Miller Equity Co-Chair Student Success Services
Deborah Coward Equity Co-Chair Student Support Services
Sonya Rizzo Communications Co-Chair Housing & Ancillary Services
Julia Beltrano Communications Co-Chair Visual Arts
Catherine Elliot Shaw Support Group McIntosh Art Gallery

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Marketing & Communications
The Marketing & Communications Committee supports the PMA by coordinating the association's internal and external communications. For example, this committee produces the PMA's newsletter, CONNECT, and organizes various association events each year.

Sonya Rizzo (Co-Chair) Housing & Ancillary Services
Julia Beltrano (Co-Chair) Visual Arts
Michelle Stubnya Family Medicine
Karmen Dowling Alumni Relations & Development
Jennifer Devlin

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry

Stephen Cribar Book Store
Sheila Marcoux Alumni Relations & Development
Jo Jennings Faculty of Arts & Humanities

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This committee negotiates with the University on salary, benefits, and conditions of work as they are related to remuneration for all PMA eligible personnel.

Debbie Acton (Co-Chair) Western Libraries
Chris Thompson (Co-Chair) Continuing Studies
Leslie Gloor Duncan Student Success Centre
Roseanne Green Information & Media Studies

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Equity and Outreach Committee

Deborah Coward (Co-Chair) Student Support Services
Kim Miller (Co-Chair) Student Success Centre
Bob Gough Housing
Peggy Wakabayashi Housing
Claire Organ Faculty of Education
Theresa Serwatuk Western International
Catherine Dorais-Plesko Health Sciences
Alcina Stoetzer Alumni Relations & Development
Kelsey Klages Family Medicine

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Personnel Policies
The Personnel Policies Committee (PPC) is a standing committee that works with the PMA Executive to develop and negotiate new personnel policies and changes to existing policies. Committee members will work with the co-chairs of PPC and members of Western's Human Resources team to establish these policies.

Deanne Babcock (Co-Chair) Financial Services
Melanie Molnar (Co-Chair) Faculty of Education
Catherine Elliot Shaw McIntosh Gallery
Jacqueline Hassall Hospitality Services
Leslie Gloor Duncan Student Success Centre
Ashley Irvine (on leave) Advancement Services
Joanna Asuncion FIMS
Deirdre Chymyck                             Human Resources
Francesca Mancuso                        Western International
Lesley Oliver                                      Faculty of Science

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Support Group
The PMA Support Group provides a confidential system of peer assistance for PMA members who need advice, information and support to resolve work related issues.

Catherine Elliot Shaw McIntosh Gallery
Nancy Patrick Nursing

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PMA Representatives on Western Task Groups and Committees

Job Evaluation Diane McCormack Psychology
Advisory Committee on Parking & Traffic Chris Alleyne Housing
  Kathy Tang Geography
Employee Assistance Plan Snjezana Linkes The Student Success Centre
Environment and Laboratory Safety Ron Maslen Chemistry
Occupational Health and Safety Committee Vicky Lightfoot
  Kim Law Earth Sciences
Parking Appeals Craig Fellner Facilities Management
President's Committee on the Safety of Women on Campus Debbie Acton Western Libraries
President's Standing Committee on Employment Equity Bob Gough Housing
Western Staff Award of Excellence Committee    
Staff Conference Steering Committee Vicki Douvalis Schulich Scool of Medicine & Dentistry