Undergraduate FAQs

General Questions

Who do I contact to get more information about Physiology or Pharmacology courses or modules in Physiology and Pharmacology?

Who do I contact to get Special permission to take a Physiology or Pharmacology course?

When are the restrictions and priorities lifted so that I can register into the course?

How do I get on a waiting list for a Physiology or Pharmacology course?

Who do I talk to if I need counselling or advice for the module I am in?

How do I switch my program?

Who do I see, and what do I need to bring with me, to get approval for a course I have taken elsewhere for UWO equivalency?

Can I reapply to an honors module?

I am currently taking a correspondence/summer/distance course as a prerequisite for a Physiology and Pharmacology course. Can I get special permission to register in the Physiology and Pharmacology course before my final mark is known?

I am taking more than one module (major + minor, major + major, etc) that have overlapping course requirements. What courses can I take from Physiology or Pharmacology to make up the overlap?

Specific Questions

Physiology 3130y is a half laboratory course that runs all year. How do I fit this course into my schedule?

Physiology 3130y - How long are the labs and when are they held?

Who gets to register for Physiology 3130y?

What do I do if I don't satisfy the priority to register for Physiology 3130y?

All three of Physiology 3120, 3130y and 3140a are needed as prerequisites for any of the 400-level Physiology courses. Can I get permission to take 400-level Physiology courses without having completed all the prerequisites?

I've been accepted into Year 4 of an Honors Specialization in Physiology (or Physiology and Pharmacology, Physiology and Psychology, or Pharmacology). When/how will I arrange for a supervisor for Physiology 4980E or Pharmacology and Toxicology 4980E?

What happened to Pharmacology and Toxicology 357?

I am going into fourth year, do I need to take 3580y in order to graduate

I want to take the new lab half course, Pharm 3580y, but I didn't get an average of 75% last year. Is there any way that I could be given special permission to register in 3580y?

I am going into 4th year with a Major in Pharmacology and Toxicology. I took Pharm 3560a and 3550b instead of 357. What do I do?

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