Undergraduate Courses

Physiology Courses

1020 Human Physiology

1021 Introduction to Human Physiology

2130 Human Physiology

2130 Human Physiology Online Course

3120 Mammalian Physiology

3130y Physiology Laboratory

3140a Cellular Physiology

4100b Digestion, Related Metabolism and Metabolic Disease

4200b Current Topics in Respiratory Health and Disease

4420a Physiology of Exercise

4520b Fundamental Concepts in Stem Cell Biology & Regenerative Medicine

4530b Biological Bases of Skeletal Health and Disease

4600a Diseases of Ion Channels and Nervous System

4610b Cardiovascular Physiology

4620a Reproductive and Endocrine Physiology

4640a Organogenesis in Mammals

4650a Regulatory and Integrative Neurophysiolgoy

4660b Advanced Topics in Renal Physiology

4680b Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology

4700b Fetal Physiology

4710a Physiology of the Senses

4730b Cell Signaling in Tissue Injury and Repair

4980E Seminar and Research Project

Pharmacology Courses

2060b Introductory Pharmacology & Therapeutics

3580y Fundamentals of Pharmacology & Toxicology

3620y Human Pharmacology & Therapeutic Principles

4320a Cardiovascular Pharmacology

4350b Clinical Pharmacology

4360b Mechanisms of Cancer Chemotherapy

4370b The Pharmacology of Drugs of Abuse

4380b Neuropharmacology

4430b Pharmacology & Toxicology of Naturally Sourced Medicine

4540b From genes to therapies: Targeted strategies in medicine

4660a Human Toxicology

4980E Seminar and Research Project

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