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JuMP Summer Student Applications 2015

Deadline - March 6th.


Upcoming JuMP Events

 Annual Bone & Joint Research Retreat

May 5 & 6 2015

Seminar Speaker Series

3rd Tuesday of the Month

Bone and Joint Focused Workshops

Please check back soon for upcoming workshops for 2014/2015

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JuMP develops researchers and clinician-scientists with the research and leadership skills necessary to build transdisciplinary teams focusing on integrated therapeutic, surgical and rehabilitative approaches for the management of musculoskeletal (bone and joint) diseases.

Musculoskeletal diseases often develop over years, involve many interconnected biological and biomechanical pathways, and manifest in clinical problems that are modulated by psychosocial factors. To combat such disorders, JuMP provides an integrated training approach - one that combines technology, biological mechanisms, bioengineering approaches, ethical considerations, and applications in the clinic and community.

Program Objectives:

  • Foster the development of future leaders in Canadian medicine, science and technology
  • Enhance the number of trainees involved in transdisciplinary musculoskeletal health research
  • Support the career advancement of trainees
  • Move musculoskeletal research beyond discovery and to translate new knowledge into improvements in disease prevention, health care, policy and commercialization.

A CIHR Training Program in Musculoskeletal Health Research and Leadership