Graduate Courses

The focus of graduate student training in our program is on learning to develop and carry out high-quality research projects. This is supplemented with course work that assists the student with acquiring skills in scientific communication, critical thinking and iassessment and ntegration of informaiton form the cellular-molecular to translational level. All students are expected to attend and participate in the Department Seminar Series during their course of study, in order to broaden and strengthen their knowledge of our disciplines.

Required M.Sc. Courses

Physiology and Pharmacology 9551 Communications and Critical Thinking

Physiology and Pharmacology 9590 M.Sc. Thesis

Required Ph.D. Courses

Physiology and Pharmacology 9551 Communications and Critical Thinking

-  Plus additional eligible 0.50 course (A or B): 

A) 9553 Translational Research (Bench to Bedside)

  B) 9557 Pharmacokinetics and Drug Disposition


COURSE INFORMATION: The purpose of the course is to introduce the student to quantitative analysis of drug disposition and relevance to clinical pharmacology and drug discovery/development.  In addition to the mathematical basis for drug disposition, the course also includes material on basic chemical, biochemical, and physiological processes that determine pharmacokinetics. Previous background in pharmacokinetics is unnecessary but basic pharmacology/toxicology knowledge and basic mathematical skills are required. The course consists of 10 didactic sessions and a 2 hr practical session on computer-based pharmacokinetic analysis and simulation.  Problem sets will be assigned weekly and students will give 2 presentations on topics related to pharmacokinetics and clinical pharmacology. 


Rommel Tirona, PhD


Mondays 12-2pm.  Beginning Jan. 11, 2010 in Room C3-170 (Boardroom) LHSC-University Hospital, then subsequent Mondays in Auditorium D, LHSC-University Hospital.

EVALUATION: Problem sets (30%) and two presentations (35% each).


Physiology and Pharmacology 9620 Grant Proposal

Ph.D. Comprehensive Examination (requirement for Ph.D. program)

Ph.D. Research Seminar (requirement for Ph.D. program)

Physiology and Pharmacology 9690 Ph.D. Thesis










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