Departmental Graduate Awards

Award Nomination and Evaluation Procedures

In September of each year, the Graduate Studies Committee will consider nominations for the awards listed above. Awards are presented at the Annual Department Dinner that follows the Department Research Day and Stevenson / Gowdey Lectures. If more than one candidate is deemed worthy for a given award, the number of awards given may be increased. In any year, a given award may not be given at the discretion of the Committee.

For the Fraser, Bottom, Moffat and Walker Awards, students who submitted completed theses to the School of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies during the previous year (September 1 to August 31) are eligible for consideration. Individual students can be nominated by their research supervisor, member of the student's advisory committee or any faculty member in our department, including members of the Graduate Studies Committee. A nominee's supervisor will be asked to provide the Committee with the nominee's curriculum vitae, copies of accepted papers and abstracts and the titlesof the thesis. Faculty members will be invited to provide information that could assist the Committee in selection of the award winner.

Evaluation of the candidates within each category will be based, as appropriate, on the quality of the theses, the thesis assessment forms, the quality of publications, and the students' overall contributions to our Department including teaching, participation in seminars and leadership. For the Esme Walker Award and Margaret Moffat Award, the Committee will also consider each candidate's potential as a professional physiologist or pharmacologist / toxicologist.

For the Mogenson and Sharma Awards, a conintuing graduate student that is excelling in research and shows exceptional promise can be nominated by his / her research supervisor or advisory committee members. Nomination packages should include letters of support describing the student's research contributions, the student's curriculum vitae and copies of publications and conference presentations.

For the Stavraky Teaching Award, all students who have had a Teaching Assistantship in Physiology or Pharmacology and who will be continuing as a T. A. in the next year are eligible.

Students will be nominated by course managers in September of each year. For each nominated student, letters of support will be requested from course managers, and other faculty members that are familiar with the student's performance as a demonstrator or tutor in a particular course during the previous year. It is expected that specific evidence (e.g. results of student evaluations, or direct observation of demonstrating on several occasions) will be provided to substantiate a positive recommendation for this Award.

The G. Murray Fraser Award

The Bill Bottom Award

The Margaret P. Moffat Award

The Esme Walker Award

The Hari and Gudrun Sharma Award

The Gordon J. Mogenson Scholarship for a Continuing Ph.D. Student in Physiology

The George W. Stavraky Teaching Scholarship in Physiology and Pharmacology

Physiology and Pharmacology Graduate Student Council Award

Innovation and Excellence in Research and Teaching