Meaghan MellingMeaghan Melling was born and raised mostly in Toronto and loves spending time with her family at home.  Here, she was involved in a wide variety of activities ranging from volleyball and figure skating to piano and golf.  Following in her father's footsteps, she attended Queen's University for undergrad where she discovered a passion for science. Despite her love for the Golden Gaels, she opted for a third year abroad and ended up in at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland for a spectacular year.  She returned to Queen's, eagerly looking at possible graduate opportunities and found them at Western. Under the fantastic supervision of Dr. Tom Drysdale at Victoria Hospital, she is now learning about developmental cardiogenesis in Xenopus (frog) embryos. Specifically, her project deals with downstream signaling effects of retinoic acid treatment in the early embryo.

1) Have you lived in London all your life?

-Nope! I've mostly resided in Toronto, but have lived in Oakville, Kingston as well as Edinburgh, Scotland for a year. I moved to London in September 2009.

2) Do you have any hobbies?Meaghan Melling

-My hobbies mostly involve playing sports (specifically volleyball, figure skating, tennis and golf), but I also love useless trivia and watching tons of movies.

3) What was the last movie you saw?

- A Muppet Christmas Carol. The best Christmas movie ever!

4) Where would you like your next vacation to be?

- Definitely Scandinavia and Russia for the rich history. However, I also would love to go to South America eventually!

5) What is your idea of the perfect lazy day?

-Sitting on a dock in Muskoka reading a book with a beer or two.

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