Grad ProfileMurray grew up in East London where he spent most of his time playing road, roller, and ice hockey.  When he's not in the lab, he has continued to stop pucks in his spare time to this day.  Murray's idea of a perfect day includes Xbox NHL '10 with his brother and baking with his girlfriend.

After his first year of higher education in the melting pot of general science at Western, Murray was eager to trade in his construction vest for a lab coat.  He landed a position as a research assistant in Dr. David Freeman's laboratory in the Division of Clinical Pharmacology at University Hospital.  Following completion of a pharmacology 4th year honors project in Dr. Freeman's lab, Murray graduated with a Bachelor of Medical Sciences in 2005.  Murray is now continuing his research as a graduate student in Clinical Pharmacology at University Hospital under the auspices of Drs. David Freeman and Rommel Tirona.

Murray's research areas include the disposition of small molecules Grad Profilein tumours and the role of dialysis and the kidney in the clearance and efficacy of drugs. He has provided expertise in small molecule analysis, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and drug transport to a variety of projects in the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.  His thesis specifically focuses on the small sulphur-containing drug mesna.  Mesna enables effective ifosfamide chemotherapy by preventing urinary tract damage.  The aim of his research is to determine how mesna gains access to the urine, where it can then exert its protective effect.  To address this aim and other collaborative research areas, Murray has utilised techniques in mathematical modelling, molecular biology, cell culture, mouse models, and both healthy and patient populations. 

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