Featured Grad Paper: Noelle Ma

Nicotine in Pregnancy and Long-term Augmented Triglycerides in the Offspring

Noelle MaMa N, Nicholson CJ, Wong M, Holloway AC, Hardy DB 
Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 2013 Dec 22;275(1):1-11
University of Western Ontario, Canada

Noelle Ma lab photo

Although there are strong links between nicotine exposure in pregnancy (either through smoking or nicotine replacement therapy [NRT]) and increased obesity in children,  we really don't understand the underlying mechanisms. Our rat study, in collaboration with Dr. Alison Holloway at McMaster University, has demonstrated that in rats exposed to nicotine during pregnancy and weaning, they develop an increase in liver and circulating triglyceride (a hallmark of obesity) 6 months later. Moreover, this study further demonstrates that the nicotine-exposed liver, long-term, is making more triglycerides via transcriptional and epigenetic changes.

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