Angela Nissen

Assistant Professor

Marc Tini

PH.D. University of Western Ontario
B.Sc. University of Western Ontario
Office:  Medical Science Building, Room 207
Phone: (519) 661-3543
Fax: (519) 661-3827

Dr. Angela Nissen is the course manager for Pharmacology 3580Y, in addition to her teaching role in courses including Pharmacology 2060, Physiology 1021, and Physiology 2130. Dr. Nissen spent eight years (2004-2012) combining teaching and research as a faculty member at a small undergraduate university in the Maritimes. Her research program studied the factors that predispose the lung to acute lung injury, specifically focusing on drug addiction. However, she has returned to Western University to pursue teaching full time in the same Department where this passion was initially sparked.

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