Stephen Lomber


Stephen Lomber

(Joint Appointment with Psychology)
PH.D. Boston University School of Medicine
B.Sc. The University of Rochester
Office:  Robarts Research Institute, Room EB-11
Phone: (519) 663-5777 x24110
Fax:  (519) 663-3193
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The Importance of Experience on Brain Development, Cerebral Organization and Cortical Plasticity

The work of our laboratory is guided by the question: "How does experience influence brain development and influence adaptive neuroplasticity?  In order to answer this question we are presently pursuing three different avenues of investigation:

1) Cortical Processing and Organization in the Hearing Subject
2) Cortical Processing and Organization in the Congenitally Deaf
3) Cortical Processing and Organization in the Deaf Following Cochlear Implant

Additional Research Themes Include:

Integration of Ascending, Lateral, and Feedback Signals in the Formation of Sensory Maps
Subcortical Afferent Pathway Mediation of Extrastriate Cortex Function
Cortico-Tectal Interactions Mediating Visuomotor Control

Lomber, S.G., Meredith, M.A., and Kral, A. (2010) Crossmodal plasticity in specific auditory cortices underlies visual compensations in the deaf. Nature Neuroscience 13: 1421-1427.

Meredith, M.A., Kryklywy, J., McMillan, A.J., Malhotra, S., Lum-Tai, R., and Lomber, S.G. (2011) Crossmodal reorganization in the early-deaf switches sensory, but not behavioral roles of auditory cortex. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) 108: 8856-8861.

Meredith, M.A. and Lomber, S.G. (2011) Somatosensory and visual crossmodal plasticity in the anterior auditory field of early-deaf cats. Hearing Research 280: 38-47.

Carrasco, A. and Lomber, S.G. (2011) Neuronal activation times to simple, complex, and natural sounds in cat primary and non-primary auditory cortex. Journal of Neurophysiology 106: 1166-1178.

Brown, T.A., Joanisse, M.F., Gati, J.S., Hughes, S.M., Nixon, P.L., Menon, R.S. and Lomber, S.G. (2012) Characterisation of the blood-oxygen level-dependent (BOLD) response in cat auditory cortex using high-field fMRI. NeuroImage 64C: 458-465.

Recent Books:

Lomber, S.G. and Galuske, R.A.W., Editors (2002) Virtual Lesions: Understanding Cortical Function with Reversible Deactivation. (Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press).

Lomber, S.G. and Eggermont, J.J., Editors (2006) Reprogramming the Cerebral Cortex: Plasticity Following Central and Peripheral Lesions (Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press).

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