Physiology & Pharmacology

Promotion and/or Tenure

Public Solicitation

The Faculty Collective Agreement requires that in evaluating a candidate’s performance for promotion and/or tenure purposes, a public solicitation for letters must occur.

The purpose of the solicitation is to provide information about whether the candidate’s performance of Academic Responsibilities (Teaching, Research and Service) meets the relevant criteria for promotion and/or tenure.

Anyone wishing to make a written submission can do so until the File is closed. It is anticipated this will occur [approximately] by June 5, 2014. Those engaged in the review of the Promotion and/or Tenure file may wish to refrain from providing a letter of support in order to avoid a perception of bias.

Unless you specifically indicate in your submission that your identity can be known to the candidate, your identity will be kept confidential from the candidate. The contents of your letter will be revealed to the Candidate by including in their dossier a copy of your letter with all identification removed. If you wish your identity to remain confidential, please phrase your letter such that your identity is not revealed by content. You should be aware that your letter in its entirety will be seen by the Promotion and Tenure Committee reviewing this case.

We appreciate your considered judgment of the candidate’s qualifications.

This submission should be sent to:

Dr. Jane Rylett, Chair
Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
Medical Sciences Building Room 216
Western University
Schulich School of Medicine
1151 Richmond St. N.
London, Ontario N6A 5C1
FAX Number: (519) 661-3827

Assistant Professor Cheryle Sequin

Assistant Professor Brad Urquhart

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