Department of PhilosophyWestern Arts and Humanities

Scholarships and Awards

Barry and Alison Brown 125th Anniversary Alumni Award 
Awarded to a full-time student in Year 2 or higher of an Honors Specialization or double Major in Philosophy based on academic achievement (minimum 70% average) and financial need. Preference will be given to students in Year 2. Applications can be accessed online through the Office of the Registrar web site and must be submitted by September 30. $300 

Edna Jeffery Scholarships 
Awarded for the highest standing in second year in an Honors Specialization in Psychology, Computer Science, Philosophy, or Kinesiology, or an Honors Bachelor degree in a double Major which includes a Major offered by the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. $500 each - one for each discipline (awarded in Fall) 

Allison H. Johnson Scholarship in Philosophy 
Awarded to a student completing third year of an Honors Bachelor degree with either an Honors Specialization in Philosophy or a double Major including Philosophy who plans to continue in fourth year of the program at Western. The recipient must have an average of at least 80% and have demonstrated particular excellence in both philosophy and non-philosophy courses. $800 (awarded in Fall) 

Harold Johnson Memorial Scholarship in Mediaeval Philosophy
Awarded to a full-time undergraduate student in Philosophy or a full-time graduate student in a Masters or Doctoral program in Philosophy based on academic achievement (Minimum 80% academic average), to enable the recipient to attend the International Mediaeval Congress. A committee appointed by the Chair of the Department of Philosophy will select the recipient. $800 - $1000 (awarded in Fall) 

Robert A. Parker Book Prize in Philosophy 
Awarded to a student in year two or higher of a four year degree program with an Honors Specialization, Specialization, or Major in Philosophy who demonstrates academic achievement (minimum 80% academic average) and an interest in or pursuit of a career in business or commerce. Preference will be given to students in year two. Applications can be obtained from the Department of Philosophy and must be submitted by March 1 along with an essay of up to 250 words about what the recipient intends to do with his/her Philosophy degree. One book & $250 award (awarded in Spring) 

Sarah J. Shorten UWO Faculty Association Scholarship 
Awarded to a student with the best academic performance in second year of a program in Philosophy, who has taken at least three full Philosophy courses, no more than one of which is at the 1000-level. $1000