Department of PhilosophyWestern Arts and Humanities

Master's in Ancient Philosophy

accepting applicants for 2016

Western University offers a two-year Master's program in Ancient Philosophy jointly run by the Departments of Philosophy and Classical Studies. The program is aimed primarily at undergraduate students interested in pursuing ancient philosophy at the doctoral level. Western has one of the largest concentrations of faculty in the field, including five specialists in ancient philosophy and an additional four core members with areas of research related to Greek and Roman language and history. This interdisciplinary program is the only master's program of its kind in North America and only one of a handful of similar masters programs in the world. Unlike those other MAs, all students admitted to Western's program receive a full funding package for five terms.  

Overview of the Program

The program is designed to provide students with the philosophical and philological skills necessary for work at the doctoral level, which requires assessing philosophical arguments on the basis of a careful study of the text in the original language. To that end, students in the program will attend advanced graduate seminars in the Philosophy Department, where they will acquire a level of understanding necessary for pursuing a PhD dissertation in at least one of the major ancient philosophical traditions as well as a critical awareness of the main philosophical problems that shape the broader discipline (e.g. essentialism, problem of universals, virtue ethics, etc.). Students will also have the option of taking seminars in other areas of philosophy in order to broaden their philosophical training. On the language side, students will take courses in Greek and Latin through the Classics Department. Students who graduate from the program can expect to have a mastery of at least one of the two languages (Greek or Latin), which will allow them to read texts in the original language for the purpose of conducting doctoral research, and a complete introduction to grammar and syntax in the other language. In cases where a student enters the program with less than introductory Greek or Latin, that student can expect to attain no less than an intermediate level of proficiency in one or both languages that includes the ability to read a continuous text with substantial consolidation of grammar and syntax skills.

Application Deadline: January 7, 2017