Part-Time Research Based Program


The Department of Pathology, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, UWO, offers a Part-Time Graduate Program in Pathology leading to M.Sc. and Ph.D. Degrees. This part-time program essentially uses the assumption that two terms of part-time study is equivalent to 1 term of full-time registration. Students registered in the part-time program typically have a full time job in the workplace or in the home.

Eligibility requirement:

Similar to the full-time program in Pathology, for admission to the M.Sc program, the applicant must have a Bachelor's Degree in Science or equivalent, or MD or DVM Degree from an accredited institution. The cut-off average for acceptance is 78%. Candidates must have a M.Sc. for direct admission to the Ph.D. Program. However, students admitted to the M.Sc Program may also convert to a Ph.D. program following a similar procedure as in the full-time program. The time frame for the conversion for a part-time student, however, will be extended until the end of 36 months from initial registration.

Course Requirements:

The course requirements will be similar to the full-time program. Some flexibility, however, will be allowed as to the speed of completion of the course work.


Similar to the full-time program, students have to submit a thesis for both M.Sc and Ph.D.


Students must fulfill all the requirements and guidelines as outlined in the full-time program, with respect to research supervisor, advisory committee, progress of training, comprehensive examination and thesis examination.

Time for Completion:

It is expected that the students will complete the M.Sc Degree in 4 yrs and the Ph.D Degree in 8 years.

Financial Assistance: Part-time students in the Department of Pathology are not eligible for a stipend. Please contact the Adminstrative Assistant for details.

Further Information: If you have questions about Graduate Studies in Pathology at Western please contact:

Tracey Koning, Administrative Assistant
Graduate Educaton
Department of Pathology

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