Joan Knoll


PhD University of Manitoba
FCCMG, FACMG, (DipABMG) (Clinical Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics)

Office: Dental Sciences Building, Room DSB 5013
Phone: (519) 661-2111 Ext. 86407
Fax: (519) 661-3370
Web Site:

Clinical Activities

Keywords: Cytogenetics, molecular genetics/pathology

Description of Clinical Activities:

Medical Leader, Molecular Pathology Group, LHSC
I oversee Molecular Pathology (biochemical genetics, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, molecular pathology) laboratory testing at LHSC. 

Research Interests

Keywords: Human/medical genetics, molecular cytogenetics, cancer genetics, genomics

Description of Research Activities:

My research is translational in nature with a goal of moving genetic research findings into the clinical laboratory setting.   My laboratory’s research activities include:

  1.  Phenotype/genotype correlations in inherited diseases with chromosome abnormalities; examining chromosome structure at the submicroscopic level
  2. Identifying  genome copy number changes and their relationship to inherited diseases such as leukemia and acquired diseases such as leukemia and breast cancer
  3. Developing  novel cytogenomic and genomic technology to improve disease diagnosis

Other interests:

Biotechnology.  I am a co-inventor on two U.S. genomics patents and a number of patent applications.

Selected Publications


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