Helen Ettler

Associate Professors

MBChB Cape Town, South Africa

Office: LHSC-UH A3-151
Phone: (519) 685-8500 ext 36376
Fax: (519) 663-2930

Clinical Activities

Keywords: Gynecologic, breast pathology and Quality Assurance.

Description of clinical activities:  Clinical activities include all components of gynecologic, breast pathology and Quality Assurance


Research Interests

Keywords: Gynecologic pathology and quality assurance.

Description of research activities: Clinically orientated and collaborative research related to Gynecologic pathology and quality assurance.


Selected Publications

  1. Vilos, G.A., Ettler, H.C., Erdis, F., Hollett-Caines, J., Abu-Rafea, B. Endometroid adenocarcinoma treated by hysteroscopic endomyometrial resection.  J Minim. Invasive Gynecol. 14(1):119-122, 2007.

  2. Vilos, G.A., Erdis, F., Al-Mubarak, A., Ettler, H.C., Hollett-Caines, J., Abu-Rafea, B. Hysteroscopic surgery does not adversely affect the long-term prognosis of women with endometrial adenocarcinoma.  J Minim. Invasive Gynecol. 14(2):205-210, 2007.

  3. Kwon JS, Francis JA, Qui F, Weir MM, Ettler HC.  When is a pathology review indicated in endometrial cancer?  Obstet Gynecol 2007;110:1224-30. Vilos, GA, Edris F, Abu-Rafea B, Hollet-caines J, Ettler HC, Al-Mubarak A.  Miscellaneous   uterine malignancies detected during hysteroscopic surgery.  J Minim. Invasive Gynecol.    6: 318-25, 2009.

  4. Francis JA, Weir MM, Ettler HC, Qui F, Kwan JS.  Should preoperative pathology be used to select patients for surgical staging in endometrial cancer?  Int J Gynecol Cancer.  2009 Apr; 19(3): 380-4.

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