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Statement of Agreement
  1. In applying for the vehicle permit indicated on this application, I hereby agree to assume all responsibilities for the vehicles registered herein, to adhere to Western University Parking and Traffic Regulations, available for review in the Parking Office or at Parking & Traffic Regulations as amended from time to time and authorized by the Board of Governors and to accept all the conditions contained herein. I acknowledge having reviewed a copy of these regulations. I further certify that I am in possession of a valid driver's license and that the vehicles registered for parking are properly licensed and insured.

  2. Western University assumes no responsibility for damage or loss to vehicles or contents however caused while parked on University property. Losses, damage and/or injuries should be reported to the Campus Community Police Services.

  3. I understand that repeated violations of the Parking and Traffic regulations will result in the withdrawal of parking privileges and as appropriate the sealing of student records. Unauthorized or improperly parked vehicles will be ticketed or towed at the owner's risk and expense.

  4. I understand that parking transponders are to be displayed on the inside of the vehicle's front windshield so the permit number and permit validation sticker are clearly visible from the exterior of the vehicle. Decals, passes, transponders and other permit materials remain the property of Western University and are issued for the sole use of the applicant while affixed to the vehicles described in this application. Permit materials found or otherwise recovered must be returned to the Parking Office. There are substantial penalties for misuse of permit materials.

  5. I understand that it is the reponsibility of the applicant to remove any decal or transponder, affixed to any vehicle that has been repaired, sold or otherwise disposed of.

  6. I understand that forgery, fraud or possession of lost or stolen property are criminal offenses. Vehicles displaying altered permits or permits listed as lost or stolen, will be ticketed and towed on sight, and owners will be liable for all charges.

  7. Western University offers parking arrangements consistent with the standards, convenience, and flexibility offered at similar institutions. I understand that, parking permits (with the exception of Premium Reserved permits) are allocated on a zone basis, and volume of permits sold related to the volume of spaces within the zone, rather than the volume of spaces within any particular parking lot.

    All permitted parkers may access all stalls within their zone at any one time, but the most popular stalls in the most popular lots will always fill first. If a favourite lot is full, permit holders are required to proceed to the next available lot within the authorized zone.

  8. I understand that Core and Perimeter Premium Reserved parking permits are valid in the reserved section of the lot in which the permit has been issued. In the event that all reserved spaces are in use, permit holders may park in the non-reserved section of the lot.

  9. I understand that parking in lot corners, aisles, ends of aisles, hash-lined or other signed "no parking" areas is not permitted. Broken or raised gate arms do not authorize parking. Information regarding lot capacities, lot loading times, and best available space may be obtained from the Parking Office at (519) 661-3973.

  10. Payroll Applicants: Any interruptions in pay should be reported to the Parking Office to avoid disruption in service.

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