Parking & Visitor Services

Western's Carpooling Program

Why Carpool?

About Western's Carpooling Program

The program provides a limited number of reserved parking spaces for employees who regularly travel to campus together in a group of two or more. Commuters who live near each other and share a common destination form the simplest and most common "carpool" arrangement. Those who are interested must:

  1. Register a group of 2 members minimum with Parking & Visitor Services.
  2. Register at least one vehicle per carpool group member.
  3. Make a commitment to carpool for a minimum of one semester.

Carpool Permits

The permit is a hanging identification tag that indicates license plate numbers of all registered members of the carpool group. This permit is to be passed between the carpool vehicles such that only one vehicle may use the hangtag (and park in a designated carpool reserved parking space) at a given time.

Designated Parking Spaces

Western has reserved parking spaces for use by approved carpool participants.

The preferential carpool spaces are designated by signage. Unauthorized use of these reserved parking spaces will result in ticketing. Similarly, carpool members are not permitted to use the carpool reserved parking spaces when travelling to campus individually. If one carpool member’s vehicle is found in a designated carpool reserve parking space while another member’s vehicle is parked elsewhere on campus, both vehicles will be ticketed.