Thriving is the ability to promote initiative and accountability through self-awareness and self-assessment, time management, work-life balance and seeking help when needed.

Self-Care and Help Seeking

  • Apply financial literacy skills to your personal finances
  • Maintain healthy nutrition, exercise and sleep habits
  • Set personal and work priorities that support goal achievement and wellness
  • Promote work-life balance for others
  • Attend to signs of pressure and stress in yourself
  • Attend to signs of pressure and stress in others
  • Create and implement self-care plans for a variety of scenarios

Time Management

  • Prioritize competing tasks
  • Prioritize the elements of the situation
  • Consult appropriately
  • Plan a course of action
  • Implement the plan
  • Revise the plan as needed

Work-Life Balance

  • Make effective use of non-work activities to promote and restore engagement in work activities