Own Your Future is a curriculum-based professional development program. The curriculum is structured around six core professional competencies that were selected based on a review of the literature and consultation with employers, professional development experts, students and faculty. 

All Own Your Future programming is aligned with at least one of the following competencies:  

Career Engagement

is the ability to connect your interests, values, personality, and skills with a variety of career options, and to develop strategies to effectively launch your career.

Communication & Relationship Building

is the ability to explain complex ideas to a variety of audiences, to use the appropriate communication tools effectively, and to foster positive working relationships.

Intercultural & Social Fluency

is the ability to navigate effectively through a complex global world of cultural and social diversity and multiple value systems. 


 is the ability to promote initiative and accountability through self-awareness and self-assessment, time management, work-life balance, and seeking help when needed.

Teaching & Learning

is the ability to identify your own learning needs and the needs of others, to create appropriate teaching and learning strategies, to engage learners and to assess learning outcomes.


is the ability to apply your personal strengths, skills and knowledge with integrity to manage projects and teams, make complex decisions, and take meaningful risks.