Career Engagement is the ability to connect your interests, values, personality and skills with a variety of career options, and to develop strategies to launch your career.

Networking Skills

  • Reach out to individuals who can advance your career and build new relationships with them
  • Maintain mutually beneficial interactions with individuals whose expertise is valuable
  • Build ties with peers and junior students

Articulate Knowledge

  • Seek out opportunities to apply your doctoral knowledge and skills in a way that contributes to society
  • Make your knowledge accessible outside of academia

Searching for a Job

  • Create and maintain a CV
  • Create and maintain a resume
  • Consult with a career counselor
  • Explore career options
  • Self-reflect on personal goals
  • Prepare for mock interviews
  • Search for and subscribe to relevant job posting sites/newsletters


  • Continually reassess your career aspirations
  • Identify a range of potential career options
  • Accept the uncertainty embedded within the job process
  • Engage in on-going professional development

The Labour Market

  • Understand labour market opportunities
  • Be honest about personal strengths, challenges and desires
  • Articulate your transferable skills and their alignment with a range of careers