Maximizing the Western Doctoral Degree

Own Your Future is a new doctoral professional development program at Western University developed by the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies in collaboration with various units across campus. The program is designed to enrich doctoral education at Western by providing the opportunity for students to develop professional skills that help maximize their success in graduate school and in their future career. 

Providing Structure to Professional Development

All program offerings are newly developed resources that are tailored to doctoral students and are aligned with the Own Your Future curriculum. The curriculum is structured around six core professional competencies:  






 Meeting the Individual Needs of Western's Doctoral Students

Own Your Future is designed to be customizable to the unique needs, goals, and experiences of Western's doctoral students. It is the philosophy of SGPS that students' management of their professional development strategy ensures that they build confidence to take control of their future. 


The Own Your Future Self-Assessment guides students' reflection of their current proficiency in the six competencies. The Self-Assessment report helps students make decisions about how they might engage in professional development  


Own Your Future is designed as a 4-year program with foundational modules offered each year that provide core knowledge in each competency relevant to the year of study


Own Your Future elective modules allow students to customize their professional development. Students can choose to explore electives to gain more in-depth knowledge or a unique perspective of a competency