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Clinical Clerkship Oncology Handbook

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Reading Resources:

"Practical Clinical Oncology  Edited by Louise Hanna, Tom Crosby and Fergus Macbeth, Cambridge University Press  ISBN 978-0-521-61816-8

            Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4: General introduction and treatment side effects
            Chapter 6: Oncologic Emergencies
            Chapter 7: Palliative care / Symptom Management
            Chapter 13: Colorectal Cancer
            Chapter 16: Breast Cancer
            Chapter 19: Prostate Cancer
            Chapter 28: Lung Cancer

Clerks doing a 2-week selective in Oncology will receive a copy of this textbook for study purposes


Must Read:

DICTATION: When dictating, use site code "5" to ensure the notes are transcribed by the cancer clinic transcription service

Selected guidelines only - see objectives (Oncology Clerkship Handbook - pages 115 to 116)


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