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Undergraduate Medical Education:




1st and 2nd Year Oncology Interest Group:

  • Observership requests:
    • Please note that the London Regional Cancer Program (LRCP) is located at the Victoria Hospital site and that our clinics run from 9am to 12noon, and starting again at 1pm to 4pm, Monday to Friday (LRCP clinics are closed on Public Holidays). For driving directions and a map to the LRCP see: http://www.lhsc.on.ca/About_Us/LRCP/Parking_Maps_Directions/index.htm
    • Observership students shall maintain the standard of ethical behaviour as laid down by the CMA code of ethics located at www.cma.ca
    • Students are to make arrangements of date, time, physician, etc. directly with the physician (contact details of each physician is within the Disease Site Teams)

Observership request process for all NON UWO-meds students (and any other students):

Disease Site Teams and members:



  • Research opportunities within Oncology for Schulich Meds students
      • Please note that these projects are not-for-credit projects and the purpose is to enhance student interest in Oncology
        • Please note the required training level for each project
        • Please contact the individual project leaders directly as per contact details for more information and to discuss the project details





3rd Year Clerkship:


  • Reading Resources:

    "Practical Clinical Oncology  Edited by Louise Hanna, Tom Crosby and Fergus Macbeth, Cambridge University Press  ISBN 978-0-521-61816-8

                Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4: General introduction and treatment side effects
                Chapter 6: Oncologic Emergencies
                Chapter 7: Palliative care / Symptom Management
                Chapter 13: Colorectal Cancer
                Chapter 16: Breast Cancer
                Chapter 19: Prostate Cancer
                Chapter 28: Lung Cancer

    • Clerks doing a 2-week selective in Oncology will receive a copy of this textbook for study purposes


  • Must Read:
    • DICTATION: When dictating, use site code "5" to ensure the notes are transcribed by the cancer clinic transcription service





BC Cancer Agency Cancer Management Guidelines / drug manual


Please note: Access to the ESMO guidelines can also be obtained via UWO library: http://www.lib.uwo.ca  “Annals of Oncology”, May 2010 issue, volume 21 supplement 5

National Comprehensive Cancer Network (USA)

Cancer Care Ontario - Canadian Cancer Statistics

Adjuvantonline.com - Estimates of treatment effect (lung, colon, breast cancers)

Clinical trials

Quality of Life Assessment

CNS Brochure

Radiation Oncology Overview

Cancer Care Ontario Practice Guidelines

UWO Western Libraries www.lib.uwo.ca
LHSC Health Sciences Library Services (available on the LHSC Intranet only) http://www.lhsc.on.ca/priv/library

Clinician-Patient Communication: Evidence-based recommendations to guide practice in cancer [G Rodin, C. Zimmerman, C Mayer, D Howell, M Katz, J Sussman, JA Mackay, M Brouwers] - Current Oncology, Vol. 16, Number 6, December 2009

Call of Death Article (Journal of Clinical Oncology – Volume 28, Number 16, June 1, 2010)
Certain Death in Uncertain Time: Informing Hope by Quantifying a Best Case ScenarioBelinda E. Kiely, Martin H.N. Tattersall, and Martin R. Stockler

A cool overview on improving your presentations - tools and tips

US National Cancer Institute "Understanding Cancer"



4th Year Electives:

Oncology Electives Description

The London Regional Cancer Program (LRCP) offers clinical electives to undergraduates in fourth year providing a more focussed outpatient and inpatient ward experience in Medical or Radiation Oncology with clinical assignments. 

Additionally, there is excellent opportunity to do a number of diagnostic/therapeutic procedures under the supervision of the consultants within the Clinic, i.e. lumbar punctures, bone marrows, thoracentesis.


Night and Weekend Call: Elective students are not required to be on call during their elective period in Oncology

Evaluation Procedure - Pass/Fail

Number of Students Accepted - Each Block: Only 1 student each Block.

Orientation is normally held at 8:30a.m., on the first day of the elective.  Please contact Kimberly Trudgeon regarding the location one day prior to your start at above email or phone number provided below.

Pagers: Pagers are not provided to elective students

Parking: See Map for driving directions and campus layout. The London Regional Cancer Program (out patient area) is located in the A-zone of the building.

Lockers: A limited number of lockers are available for use during your elective period. Please provide your own lock. Lockers are assigned at the beginning of your rotation and not beforehand. Students can obtain lockers through Kimberly Trudgeon


The Ivan H. Smith Memorial Prize

Awarded to the final year medical student demonstrating outstanding interest in Oncology. Donated by the friends of the late Dr. Ivan Hamilton Smith. Value: $300

See Registrars for more details



Dr. Belal Ahmad - Program Director (Radiation Oncology)

Dr. Michael Sanatani - Program Director (Medical Oncology)

Kimberly Trudgeon - Program Administrator

Office Location:

London Regional Cancer Program
790 Commissioners Road East
London, Ontario, N6A 4L6
Phone: (519) 685-8600 x 53675
Fax: (519) 685-8739
Email contact: Kimberly Trudgeon

See Map for driving directions campus layout


Electives Description

  • Radiation Oncology                                                        CODE: ONC RAD A
    - 2 week rotation
    - 1 student assigned to a radiotherapist for one week at a time
    - attends O.P. clinics and MDT rounds
    - to cover main tumour sites
    - performs in-hospital consultations
    - learns about the indications for and side effects of radiotherapy
    - attends simulations
    - attends all rounds
    - inpatient care as per attending
    - attend O.R.



  • Medical Oncology                                                          CODE: ONC MED B
    - 2 week rotation
    - emphasis on outpatient clinic experience
    - attendance at follow-up and new patient clinics for common malignancies
    - attendance and participation in multi-disciplinary rounds
    - learns about the indications for and side effects of chemotherapy for common




  • Research/Laboratory                                                      CODE: ONC RES A
    A student with a specific interest may put in writing a request to Mrs. K. Norton with a one page research proposal.  Should a student not have a research project, a meeting with the undergraduate coordinators will be arranged to match academic interest with available supervisors. The research project needs to be approved by Dr. Robby Stein prior to the start of the 4th year (September)

Western's General Elective Information

For further general elective information, refer to the University of Western Ontario, Clinical Electives Handbook


Visiting Student Electives

All students from other Universities interested in doing an elective in Oncology, must direct all elective enquiries to the University of Western Ontario's Visiting Student Elective offices at

VSE Program:

Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
The University of Western Ontario
Medical Sciences Building, Room M100
London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5C1
tel: (519) 661-2111 ext. 87855
fax: (519) 661-4043
e-mail: electives@schulich.uwo.ca


Please note the requirements for visiting elective students as the UWO has two different policies for Canadian Medical Schools and International Medical Schools.

  • Prospective applicants MUST contact the Visiting Student Elective offices at the University of Western Ontario directly before making any other arrangements with Departments within the University of Western Ontario.
  • All applications MUST first be approved by the Visiting Student Elective office at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, at the University of Western Ontario before further arrangements can be made with the individual departments.


Elective Availability

With the expansion of the UWO medical classes, elective space is extremely limited and visiting students should understand that not all applicants receive an elective. Priority will be given to the University of Western Ontario's medical students (normally between September and December), then followed by students attending Canadian medical schools and other students from approved international medical schools (from January on). We encourage you to use the space available on the application form to list as many elective locations/choices as possible. (Please also indicate your field of interest in Oncology - i.e. Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology, or Both). We typically only accommodate a 2 week elective request in the Department of Oncology. The 2 week elective can be split into 1 week of Radiation, and 1 week Medical Oncology, or both 2 weeks can be dedicated to either Radiation or Medical Oncology - it is your choice to choose your option.


Learning Objectives

  • During the course of caring for patients under supervision, the student shall demonstrate that he/she has developed the following skills at a level of competence appropriate for a final year student:
    - Professional relationship with patients
    - History-taking skills
    - Physical Examination
    - Diagnostic skills
    - Management skills (including judgement)
    - Data organization (for recording and/or presentation)
    - Professional relationship with colleagues
    - Responsibility and dependability
    - Cognizance of limitations
    - Intellectual curiosity
    - Factual knowledge


Type of Clinical Experience

  • In-patient and Out-patient