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Planning Committee:

  • Dr. Glenn Bauman - Chair, Department of Oncology, SSMD/UWO
  • Dr. Jerry Battista - Chair, Department of Medical Biophysics, SSMD/UWO
  • Dr. Joseph Chin - Division Head, Surgical Oncology, SSMD/UWO
  • Dr. Gabriel DiMattia - Division Head, Experimental Oncology, SSMD/UWO
  • Dr. Brian Dingle - Senior Medical Leader, Oncology, LRCP/LHSC
  • Dr. Scott Ernst - Division Head, Medical Oncology, SSMD/UWO
  • Dr. Jim Koropatnick - Scientific Director, Cancer Research Laboratories, LRCP/LHSC
  • Dr. Michael Lock - Division Head, Radiation Oncology, SSMD/UWO
  • Dr. Eric Winquist - Medical Director, Clinical Cancer Research Program, LRCP/LHSC



  1. Has no actual or potential conflict of interest in relation to this program.
    • Dr. Glenn Bauman
    • Dr. Gabe DiMattia
    • Dr. Brian Dingle
    • Dr. Jim Koropatnick

  2. Have/Had in the past 2 years, a financial interest, arrangement, or affiliation with one or more organizations that could be perceived as a direct/indirect conflict of interest in the context/content of the subject of this or any other presentation/program.
    • Dr. Michael Lock - Abbott/Astra Zeneca/Paladin
    • Dr. Scott Ernst - Bristol, Pfizer, Abraxis, Novartis, Sanofi-Aventis
    • Dr. Eric Winquist - Sanofi-Aventis
    • Dr. Jerry Battista - Philips Oncology Systems, Modus Medical Devices

  3. Awaiting responses from the following Committee Member
    • Dr. Joseph Chin