Summer Studentships



CaRTT is committed to providing an integrated training program in cancer research leading to better diagnosis or treatment.  In developing partnerships between basic scientists and clinical researchers, it provides stipends for M.Sc. and Ph.D trainees and postdoctoral fellows.    In order to bridge the gap to students who may be eligible for future funding as postgraduate CaRTT scholars, CaRTT is offering to help support both undergraduate summer studentships (up to 10 in total), and summer studentships for students who have successfully completed a PEL co-op placement (up to 2 in total).  

Both kinds of summer studentships must be under the direct supervision of a CaRTT mentor and must be on research projects in oncology.


Post-PEL summer studentship competition is not being held in 2015. Please check back for an update in spring 2016.
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For more information, contact:

Rodger Dusky, Director PEL

Christine Koustrup , Coordinator CIHR STP CaRTT
(519) 685-8600 x55769





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