Registration, Application and Pre-placement
2nd Interview

When the co-op teacher and student agree that a PEL placement will meet the student’s experiential learning expectations, the student may qualify as a PEL applicant. The student will be given the following instructions and proceed with the competitive PEL application process. Each student must complete the following instructions, meet with the co-op teacher for a 2nd interview and then meet with the PEL directors.  The co-op teacher will contact PEL to arrange a meeting with all PEL applicants before the last school day of May.

Instructions for each PEL co-op applicant:

  1. Review information on the PEL Program;
  2. Create a Google Account;
  3. Create a Gmail address with format: ,e.g.,; and download Google Drive <>
  4. Print and complete the PEL Application from the website;
  5. Review the mark profile from PEL Application form with co-op teacher;
  6. Discuss the steps required to obtain a mandatory Police Check with the co-op teacher;
  7. Discuss the possibility of producing a mandatory inoculation record (flu vaccine and TB test) with co-op teacher;
  8. Copy and complete the summary registration spreadsheet that is provided by the teacher. This Excel template is e-mailed to the teacher upon request to PEL.
  9. Name preferred workplace location(s), i.e., North Central South of city which minimizes travel time;
  10. Name and ask your teacher to order the letter(s) that represent your interest in
    Science (C, P, B, CS), Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine disciplines on the summary form;
  11. Name the faculty or faculties that you will set as a priority when applying to university, e.g., Science, Health Science, Engineering or Medicine and Dentistry.
  12. Browse the following websites for ideas to help focus workplace interest:

CaRTT Program (Cancer)
Vascular Research Program
Tutor Program (Family Medicine)
JuMP Program (Musculoskeletal Health)
Lawson research themes
Canadian Centre for Activity & Aging
Children's Health Research Institute
Critical Illness Research Program
Western Engineering
Western Health Sciences
Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry
Western Science

13. Click on Dropbox.


Also from this web page: