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Pathology 9500 - The Biology of Human Cancer
January - April, 2011
Offered by the Departments of Pathology and Oncology at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, this graduate course will focus on critical review of the literature as a basis to understand and participate in monthly Investigational New Drug (IND) Seminars at the London Regional Cancer Program. It is coordinated by Dr. Jim Koropatnick, Dr. Alan Tuck & Dr. Gabriel DiMattia.   This course is open to graduate students and clinical trainees in the CaRTT Program, and to other graduate students with special permission of the Coordinators.

Offered: January 2011 (run every other year)
Enrollment: 36 students in each class
This course is a CaRTT requisite
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Biochemistry 4450a - The Molecular Genetics of Human Cancer
This course details molecular approaches to cancer understanding and therapy.  This course is co-ordinated by Dr. D. Rodenhiser and open to both graduate and undergraduate students.

Enrollment: 40 students
This course is NOT a CaRTT requisite
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Pathology 9520 - Public and Private Partnerships in Cancer Research
January - April
The goal of this course is to maximize the ability of cancer researchers to enlist the assistance of the private sector in translating new technology into clinical and community practice.   This course has been developed in association with Western's Ivey Business School, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, and the LRCP.  It is co-ordinated by
Dr. M. Rouse (Ivey Business School) and Dr. J. Koropatnick (LRCP). 

Offered: January 2014 (offered every other year)
Enrollment: 35 students in each class
This course is a CaRTT requisite
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Seminar Series - Seminars in Translational Cancer Research
Monthly during Fall & Winter terms
Hosted jointly by the Pamela Greenaway-Kohlmeier Translational Breast Cancer Research Unit (TBCRU) and the CIHR Strategic Training Program in Cancer Research & Technology Transfer (CaRTT), these seminars are open to all interested members of the London academic community. A major goal of the TBCRU and CaRTT is to develop opportunities to foster interactions between scientists, clinicians and other members of the cancer research community. These seminars provide a lively forum for communication and interactions between scientists, physicians, graduate students, medical residents and others interested in translational cancer research.
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