Research Education Day
June 20, 2014 - 11th Annual


Oncology Research & Education Day is organized by the CIHR-Strategic Training Program in Cancer Research and Technology Transfer (CaRTT) and the Department of Oncology at Western University.





June 20, 2014 - 11th Annual

The 11th Annual Oncology Research & Education Day is an all-day event held at:
The Lamplighter Inn, Friday, June 20, 2014

This annual event is an opportunity for scientists, clinicians, graduate students and Post-Doctoral fellows to share cancer research discoveries and promote cancer research collaboration and training.


Research & Education Day venue

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D Levine

2014 Smith Errington Lecturer
Dr. Douglas A. Levine

Head, Gynecology Research Laboratory
Associate Attending Surgeon
Gynecology Service/Dept. of Surgery
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center


It is a pleasure to announce that Dr. Douglas A. Levine will be our keynote speaker for this year's event. His talk will be entitled:

"Cancer Genomics: Upgrading Precision Medicine"


Dr. Levine is a surgeon-scientist at MSKCC specializing in the treatment of gynecologic malignancies. He heads the Gynecology Research Lab at MSKCC and has embraced the paradigm changing technologies facilitated by next-generation nucleic acid sequencing. His research interests are clearly embedded in genomic medicine with a focus on identifying clinically relevant predictors of outcome for women with gynecologic malignancies. This research approach has been enthusiastically embraced by virtually all cancer disease sites, and Dr. Levine’s visit provides a unique and exciting opportunity to hear how this done from the ground up! Dr. Levine’s Nature paper on the Integrated genomic characterization of endometrial carcinoma has provided a new classification scheme for endometrial cancer based on mutation landscape. The scheme identifies new therapeutic targets, and importantly, how the most aggressive of these cancers might be treated after surgery. These are major contributions to the field. Dr. Levine has been involved in a number of large scale genome based studies, from TERT locus variants in breast and ovarian cancer to the development of the pan-cancer genome TCGA initiative. For you epigenome enthusiasts, Dr. Levine recently reported the discovery of inactivating biallelic SMARCA4 mutations in 100% of the 12 (rare) small cell carcinomas of the ovary which afflict young women and are extremely aggressive. On the basic science side, Dr. Levine played a key role in an extensive genomic assessment of current ovarian cancer cell lines to gauge their capacity to accurately model ovarian cancer. That work emphasized the critical need for detailed characterization with clinical history in choosing the best models for experimentation.  Uncovering the molecular profiles of women who are treated with novel targeted anticancer drugs as a way of generating biomarkers to identify women who will respond optimally to a particular agent is another focus of his lab. In addition, Dr. Levine is the founding editor of the Atlas of Procedures in Gynecologic Oncology, the only full-color photographic surgical atlas in the field, now in its third edition. His research is supported by funding from the National Cancer Institute, the Department of Defense, Stand Up To Cancer, the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation, and the Entertainment Industry Foundation. Dr. Levine has received many awards and accolades, notably the ACOG Mentor of the Year Award (2012) and the Foundation for Women's Cancer Excellence in Ovarian Cancer Research Prize (2013). He has authored 118 papers from genomics to the development of new surgical techniques. Dr. Levine both cares for patients and makes outstanding contributions to biomedical science. Medical education and mentorship are major interests and as co-chair of three separate Working Groups (ovarian, endometrial and uterine carcinosarcoma) of The Cancer Genome Atlas, he is instructing the next generation of clinicians in the art and science of genomics in medicine. We are honoured to have Dr. Levine as our 2014 Smith-Errington lecturer - his lecture will be informative and inspirational to researchers across all disciplines of biological and physical sciences, dedicated to eradication of cancer.


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Friday, May 9, 2014 - NOON
Abstract guidelines & submission form

Friday June 13, 2014 - NOON

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All posters MUST be posted prior to the beginning of the event, which begins promptly at 8am. Posters will be affixed to the boards using sticky velcro tabs that will be provided on the day of the event. You will be assigned a poster number which will denote the location of your poster. New Posters must be no larger than 4ft x 4ft. If your poster was used for a previous event and is larger, please indicate this with your submission.

Poster assignments

Map of poster display

Abstracts that are chosen for oral presentation will be data rich, and at a professional level. Those selected for oral presentation will be asked to upload their PowerPoint presentation by noon, Friday, June 13, 2014. Detailed instructions will follow. This will allow the AV professional to identify potential problems with images, movies, etc. prior to the event. A laser pointer will be provided. The session Moderator will keep all speakers on time (10 minute talk + 5 minutes for questions).

If you are not a member of the Department of Oncology or the CIHR-STP and are interested in participating, please contact
Christine Koustrup.

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Moshmi Bhattacharya , PhD
Fred Dick, PhD
Gabe DiMattia, PhD
Peter Ferguson, PhD
Jim Koropatnick, PhD
Joe Mymryk, PhD
Anthony Nichols, MD
David Palma, MD
David Rodenhiser, PhD
Peter Rogan, PhD
Caroline Schild-Poulter, PhD
Tracy Sexton, MD
Eric Winquist, MD
Christine Koustrup

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The Lamplighter Inn
is located at 591 Wellington Road South in London, Ontario.


For our event, the Crystal Ballroom will be separated into north and south halves with the north section for the oral presentations and the south section for food & beverages and poster presentations. Parking is free.

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Award Winners

Oral Presentation Winners
Wendy Teft W Teft
Mark Dekaban
M Dekaban
Poster Presentations
AM Session:  
Matthew Cecchini
Photo not available
Sallie Elhayek
S Elhayek
Tom Hrinivich
T Hrinivich
Lori Lowes
L Lowes
Jessica Tong
J Tong
Timothy Yeung
T Yeung
PM Session:  
Charles Ishak
C Ishak
Michael MacFarlane
M MacFarlane
Joanna Ryan
J Ryan
Ying Xia
Y Xia
Niloufar Zarghami
N Zarghami

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