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3. Please rate each speaker in regard to each of the statements:
Please use the scale: 1=strongly disagree to 5=strongly agree
Speaker The topic was relevant Audio-visual Aids were used effectively At least 25 % of the time was spent in interactive discussion
Alexander Louie
Greg Fonseca
Matt Cecchini
Michael Ong
Teresa Peart
Joo Ho Tai
Jenny Chu
Ilma Xhaferllari

4. Please rate the day's program with respect to the following questions:

Please use the scale: 1=strongly disagree to 5=strongly agree
a) The educational day was relevant to my practice score
b) The educational day met its stated learning objectives score
c) The educational day satisfied my personal expectations score
d) The educational day was a success in terms of: i) providing new knowledge

  ii) providing new skills score
  iii) changing attitudes score
e) My motivation to attend this program was high score
f) Overall, the educational day was an effective learning experience score
g) Commercial influence did not bias today's event score
h) I will sign up for more CME events based on my experience today score
5. What was the most important thing that you learned today?
6. Describe at least one thing that you will do differently based on what you learned today
7. Specify any changes that you think would have made this program more effective
8. Provide feedback on your perception of any commercial or other inappropriate bias in relation to your response to 3g)
9. What topics would you like addressed at future programs?
10. Please provide any general comments that you may have about today's program:

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