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Ombuds Office
Annual Report




When completing our intake sheet, students have an opportunity to indicate why they have come to the office. Where the student doesn't complete the intake sheet, we attempt to judge which reasons apply. Since more than one reason often applies, the percentages add up to more than 100:

45% you suspect you are being unfairly treated
64% you need information or advice about your rights and responsiblilities
14% you want to complain about a person
14% other reason

Students indicate on the intake sheet whether someone suggested they come to the Ombuds Office, and if so, who. They also indicate whether they have previously visited the office or the office website.

Issues for which students were encouraged to use the Ombuds Office: 45%

  • by another student: 27%
  • by an administrative or support unit: 24%
  • by an academic unit: 21%
  • by a family member: 9%
  • other (e.g., lawyer): 1%

Students indicating they previously used the Ombuds Office: 12%
Students indicating they previously viewed the Office website: 20%

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