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Annual Report




This is my last Annual Report as Western's University Ombudsperson! Since I joined the office in June 1988, we have assisted close to 13,000 people, mainly students. Hearing their stories and being in a position to assist in making their worlds a bit fairer has been a huge privilege. I count myself as one of those lucky, lucky people who love their work. Western has been wonderful for me, and I will cherish my memories of my time here.

We always have boxes of kleenex in the Ombuds Office, but we have lots of laughter, too. Laughter can let you stand on a hilltop and see the world at your feet; and so restore to you the feeling of being in charge of your own life. When students come to the Ombuds Office, that is often just what they need.

So if I have one wish for my successor, and for Western, it is that he or she should have, among other things, a gift for laughter.

Thank you all so very much!

Frances Bauer
December 2005

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