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Ombuds Office
Annual Report




The data from this year cannot easily be compared to data from prior years because we have put in a new data base system. The new system will make possible a more comprehensive look at what the office does. It will allow us to report, for the first time, about the location or locus of issues, and to report in a more detailed and consistent way about the outcomes of situations where the Ombudsperson intervenes.

In our previous data base there was no way to count the number of students independently of the number of issues.


  • John has problems with OSAP and as a result has not purchased the text book for his course. He now faces problems because he failed the midterm, and he is likely not going to meet the requirements to continue in his program of study. He is very stressed about this and has broken up with his girl friend.

In the past, this would have been treated as one student with one problem, or as two or three students, each with one problem: In the new system, this can be treated as one student and each issue can be identified as his issue his OSAP appeal, his academic problems, and his stress - and counted separately.

A caveat: We have tried to represent as accurately as we can the work of the Ombuds Office, but because of the newness of the data base, our data is less perfect than we would like. That is one reason why we have chosen to express some of it in percentages. Furthermore, some of the figures in this report may deviate slightly from figures in the reports sent to Faculties.

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