The University of Western Ontario


Ombuds Office
Annual Report




Anita and I would like to extend our thanks to all students and others who used or recommended our service in the past year, as well as to the many persons in the Western and Affiliated College communities who were cheerful and friendly when we interrupted their busy days with requests for information or meetings. I want to take this opportunity to offer a special thank you to Kathy Learn, SRBA Administrator, who has always been so helpful and so good at finding answers, both for me and for students. Thank you, too, to the current and past Chairs of SRBA from 1988 (when I began at Western) to the present Professors Harry Murray, Bill Hopkins, Fred Dreyer, Donna Peterson, Michael Owen, Mike Atkinson, and Jeff Stokes; and also to the many faculty and student members of the Senate Review Board Academic. Your hard work and professionalism contribute greatly to fairness at Western.

Respectfully submitted
Frances Bauer
October 2004

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