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The Ombudsperson is pleased to present this Annual Report for the year August 1, 2003 to July 31, 2004, to the Western community. The report provides statistical summaries of the problems and concerns brought to the Ombudsperson's attention by students and others; summaries of selected cases; and an account of recommendations over the year and responses to them.
  • Total cases: 639, compared to 685 last year (a 7% decline)
  • 69% involved academic issues typical of recent years
  • 76 cases (12%) were initiated by those identifying themselves as graduate students
  • 13 cases involved the Code of Student Conduct
  • 23 cases involved students who self-identified as having a disability
  • 22 cases were continued from the previous year
  • 85 cases (13%) involved intervention, compared to 100 cases (15%) last year
  • 26% of cases were open six or more days, an increase of 2% over last year
  • Double cohort a non-event only a handful of those using the Ombuds Office were 18 years or younger
  • There were fewer cases involving the Scholastic Discipline policy (36, compared to 43 last year)
  • Nearly 40% of those contacting the office reported having visited the Ombuds Office website
  • About 40% of students who come to the office report they were encouraged to come by someone else
  • Of those encouraged by someone else, most often it was by another student (33%)

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