The University of Western Ontario


Annual Report
of the
Office of the Ombudsperson




No ombudsman office can function effectively without cooperation from the communities it serves. Anita and I are truly grateful for the support we receive from Western's staff, faculty and students throughout the University and the Affiliated Colleges. We offer special thanks to those of you who routinely make students aware of our office, by mentioning the office in decision letters, or by encouraging students to seek a second opinion or advice and assistance when a decision disappoints them.

We thank also the parents and friends of students, who are often the first to contact us.

Finally, we thank the members of the Coordinating Committee, now Advisory Committee, for their thoughtful guidance over the year, and particularly Professor Marty Westmacott, who served on the Committee from 2000 until spring 2003. Over the years Marty has been a much valued supporter of the Ombuds Office, and a true advocate for fairness.

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