The University of Western Ontario


Annual Report
of the
Office of the Ombudsperson




Agent at the Senate Review Board Academic
The Ombudsperson acted as agent for only one student last year. The case involved a request for a waiver of progression requirements. The student's appeal was denied.

Service at Western
Frances served as a member of the Professional and Managerial Association (PMA) Support Group, and sat on two committee, the Faculty of Graduate Studies Subcommittee on International Graduate Students, and Western's Ontarians With Disabilities Act Committee (WODAC, see Human Resources website for information and Annual Accessibility Plan). In addition, she spoke to a number of campus groups over the year, usually about the Ombuds Office, the academic appeal process, or scholastic offences.

Memorandum of Agreement
The Memorandum of Agreement between The University of Western Ontario and The University Students' Council regarding the Ombuds Office was revised last year and signed by all signatories, effective April 17, 2003. It is posted on the Ombuds Office website (

Coordinating Committee/Advisory Committee
The members of the Coordinating Committee last year were Debra Dawson, Isabelle Giroux, Nicole Nelson, Mekielia Nehmbard, Mark Feltham and Marty Westmacott. The new name for this Committee is the Advisory Committee. Its functions are described in the Memorandum of Agreement. Last year the Committee met in October, January and March. It discussed such issues as the revisions to the Memorandum of Agreement, the Annual Report, and the office budget.

Professional Contributions
Both Anita Pouliot and Frances Bauer made significant contributions to the ombudsman profession in 2002-03. Anita continued to serve as Treasurer of the Association of Canadian College and University Ombudspersons (ACCUO/AOUCC). She helped with the organization and presentation of the 2003 ACCUO Beginners' Workshop and, in addition, she provided assistance with registration at the first conference of the fledgling Forum of Canadian Ombudsman (FCO) (March 30 to April 2, Ottawa). Frances served on the Board of Directors of FCO; co-chaired the FCO Conference Planning Committee; and continues to chair the Education and Training Committee. At the FCO Conference, Frances was a panelist on a session entitled Ombudsman in Canada: A Changing Mosaic. Readers of this report are encouraged to visit the association websites: and

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