(Note: French version is not available yet!)

Educational Audio Cassettes from The Second Ombudsman Leadership Forum Conference - June 7-10, 2000 - San Francisco, CA can be borrowed by association members.


OLF001 Our Common Work: Fairness, Dignity and Human Rights
(Bience Gawanas)

OLF002 Ombudsman Independence: Perceptions and Realities
(Barbara Finlay, Marshall Lux)

OLF003 Fear of Violence
(Mary Rowe, Linda Wilcox)

OLF004 Establishing Ombudsman Programmes in the Post-Communist and Post-Apartheid Worlds
Selby Baqwa, Jeno Kaltenbach)

OLF005 Anatomy of Harassment
(Anu Rao)

OLF006 Children's Rights in the Global Village
(Stuart Hart, Brent Parfitt)

OLF007 Ethical Issues: Would Your Office Get A Passing Grade?
(John Eddings, Carol Scott, Rosa Garner)

OLF008 The Ombudsman With Two Hats: Balancing Dual Roles in the Corporate and University Settings
(Dov Gal-On, Herman "Butch" Hill)

OLF010 Investigative Reports: Getting To The Bottom Line
(Fiona Crean, Ellen Stenson)

OLF011 Strategic Planning for Ombudsmen: Namibia, A Case Study
(Bience Gawanas, Dean Gottehrer)

OLF012 Keeping Your Cool When Things Are Heating Up
(Michel Robichaud, Douglas Ruck)

OLF013 Turning The Tables: Dealing With Complaints About Us
(Maria Moya, Lucie Lavoie)

OLF014 Justice: Understanding a Fundamental Value
(Robert Shelton)

OLF015 Effective Apologies
(John Barkat, Marsha Wagner)

OLF016 Exchanging Good Ombuds Practice: What Can Universities and Corporations Tell Each Other?
(Tom Bailey, Tom Barnette, Linda Coughenor, Rodney Wolff)

OLF017 A Delicate Relationship: Ombudsmen and Advocacy Groups
(Karen Grace-Kaho, Myeshia Grice, Janet Knipe, Gwen Smith)

OLF018 Shaping The Future: Taking The Initiative In A Turbulent Environment
(Roberta Jamieson)

OLF019 Ombudsmen and ADR: Mediated Approaches To Change
(Ann Bensinger, Barbara Tomkins, Ellen Waxman)

OLF020 Technology: Its Costs, Benefits And Future
(Duncan Fowler, Vivian Pearcy)

OLF021 Using The Media To Bring About Change: Strategies And Challenges
(Tom DeVries, Marshall Lux, André Marin)

OLF022 Changing Ourselves In A Changing World
(Wilbur Hicks, Liz Hoffman, Roberta Jamieson, Howard Kushner, Vickie Wallen)

OLF023 Resolving Employment Conflicts: A Model For System Design, Operation and Assessment
(Walt Krudop, Karl Slaikeu, John Zinsser)

OLF024 Taking Notable Notes

OLF025 The Creative Ombudsman: Having Fun, Expanding Perspectives and Being Effective
(Joy Crumpton, Karen Grace-Kaho, Laura Novak, Gwen Smith)

OLF027 Changing Places: Perspectives on Moving Within the Ombudsman World
(Howard Gadlin, Sheila Gottehrer, Wilbur Hicks)

OLF028 Developing Recommendations and Getting Them Adopted
(Dean Gottehrer, Daniel Jacoby)

OLF030 The Ombudsman as Coach: Helping People to Help Themselves
(Martha McKee, Ellen Waxman)

OLF032 Recent Legal Decisions: What They Mean To Us
(Howard Kushner, Donna Woo)

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