The Ob/Gyn Research Labs

London Health Sciences Centre-Victoria Hospital

Research activities at Victoria Hospital (The Victoria Research Labs of the Lawson Health Research Institute) and The London Regional Cancer Centre are directed towards the relationship of reproductive hormones and gynecologic cancer.   Projects involve the study of hormonal influences on the development and progression of endometrial cancer, the regulation of sex hormone binding globulin and, in collaboration, utilization of the latest nucleic acid technology to study the control of cell replication in reproductive tissues.  Also in progress are clinical studies aimed at assessing the value and effects of various treatment regimens for gynecologic malignancy.

St Joseph's Health Care London
At St. Joseph's Health Care London, the Lawson Health Research Institute has a major focus in in Fetal and Neonatal health.  Basic and clinical research projects are intimately intertwined and include studies utilizing humans as well as the chronic fetal sheep model.  The control of the onset of fetal growth and development is a major area of interest and includes projects studying the role of the placenta and glucocorticoids.  A further research area of focus concerns the study of fetal cardio-respiratory physiology and comprises projects investigating the regulation of uterine blood flow, fetal organ blood flow and oxygen consumption in normal and hypoxic conditions, the influence of maternal lifestyle on fetal physiology and studies designed to develop new methods for the clinical assessment of fetal health.


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Scholarship Information

Purpose of Scholarships
The Obstetrics and Gynaecology Graduate Research Scholarships (OGGS) are intended to encourage and recognize excellence in research at the graduate level within the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, at the University of Western Ontario.

Number and Value of Scholarships   
There will be a maximum of 5 scholarships awarded per year.  A scholarship will be for one academic year (3 consecutive terms). Scholarship holders must re-apply on an annual basis and are eligible to apply for continued funding. The value of each scholarship will be $15,500.00 M.Sc and $16,500.00 Ph.D. students (+ $4,500 Western Graduate Scholarship to all students with > 80% average; total stipend $20,000.00 M.Sc. and $21,000.00 Ph.D.) per year paid by monthly instalments.


The scholarships are for students entering any year of their graduate training (i.e., MSc or PhD) during the typical residency period for their degree (i.e., 2 years MSc; 5 years PhD).  You are eligible to apply for the scholarship if you are accepted for MSc or PhD studies in a laboratory supervised by a full-time faculty member primarily appointed to the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, The University of Western Ontario. You are not eligible if you already hold external competitive personnel awards during the tenure of the scholarship (for example: OGS, NSERC, MRC, NCIC, CCSRI, Genesis Foundation, Heart and Stroke, Lung Association, March of Dimes etc.). All scholarship holders must maintain a minimum of an 80% average on all course work to be eligible for the scholarship and to maintain the scholarship funding once awarded.

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If you receive an Obstetrics and Gynaecology Graduate Scholarship (OGGS), you must comply with the following conditions:

  1. You must maintain full-time registration in your graduate program during the tenure of the scholarship. If you withdraw from the approved program, transfer to part-time, fail to complete the year or graduate during the tenure of the scholarship, the Research and Finance Committees in the Department must be notified immediately.
  2. You are strongly encouraged to apply for external awards for which you are eligible. Should you receive an offer of an external scholarship or studentship, you are required to notify the Departmental Research and Finance Committees before taking any action on the offer.
  3. An acknowledgement of funding support from this program must be included in any publications directly resulting from the candidate's work during the course of the funding period.
  4. It is the intent of this program to enrich the research activities throughout the department. It is, therefore, expected that more than one scholarship awarded in a single laboratory, or that scholarships being award to the same laboratory in subsequent years will be unusual occurrences. These will represent important factors affecting the review process and would only be supported due unusual circumstances such as limited applications in a given year or due to an unusually high level of excellence displayed by the candidates or the proposed research programs. The department reserves the right not to award all 5 scholarships in any given year.

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Application Procedures

To be considered for the OGGS scholarship, the application forms provided must be submitted to the Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department Research Committee (Chair Dr. Shepherd, London Regional Cancer Program, Room A4-836 on or before TBA.  The applications must be typed and the forms will be available by contacting either Dr. Trevor Shepherd (for a Word version) or by downloading from the links below (Word and PDF versions) in the "Documentation" section.


The following documentation is required* by or before June 14, 2014.

  1. ONE original of the application form, list of publications,and a one-page outline of proposed research
  2. Electronic copy of the completed application form emailed to (To get started, you may download an application form-PDF or application form-Word Format)
  3. Two reference reports (hard copy or electronic copy)..
  4. Official transcripts of all grades obtained at any post-secondary institution.
  5. Brief letter from supervisor detaiing financial need of salary support for applicant

*Please do not send documentaion other than that required

Please do not send documentation other than that required.

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Review Process

OGGS applications will be reviewed by the Obstetrics & Gynaecology Researech Committee in early August. Up to 5 scholarships may be awarded based on ranking of all applications by the committee. Results will be communicated to all applicants (successful and unsuccessful) and their supervisors shortly thereafter. Funds will be made available to support successful graduatre students for one year, beginning in September 2012.

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Applicants wishing further information regarding research training available should contact:

Trevor Shepherd, PhD
Chair of the Research Committee, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Western University

London Regional Cancer Program
790 Commissioners Rd, A4-836
London, Ontario
N6A 4L6 Canada
Attention: Graduate Scholarship

or e-mail him

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