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Welcome to your new clerkship experience on Ob/Gyn.  Start by looking at the section called "Clerks' Hospital Assignments." There, for the London clerks only, linked to your name, you will also find your on-call and rotation schedules.

If you haven't already got the hard copy, you should download your own copy of "Head First," the Ob/Gyn Clerks' Companion.

On the first day, you will be oriented to the clerkship and have a chance to review some of the basics of delivery, pap smears, etc using pelvic models. Get a copy of the PP presentation that goes with that.

All the other information necessary to guide you through is contained in the Clerk Handbooks available on this site. Hard copy of evaluation forms that you will need will be made available to you at orientation.  If you have any questions about your learning materials, email Jennifer Cordick or phone her at 519-685-8500, Extension: 53508

Special Note

  • None of the teaching material on this page will be provided in hard copy, so you will need to print from the "Toolkit" column what you want to use offline. Linked files in the "Toolkit" column are in PDF.
  • Sometimes tutors must reschedule. Usually you will be emailed with the last minute changes although you can also check this page before each seminar for changes to the dates/times/places.

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Consultants' Seminar Roster for Clerks

Block 6, April 22 - June 1

All seminars run 8-9 am unless otherwise indicated

Date Topic Location Teacher
Tues April 22 MFM-1

Case presentations
Lecture-Pre-natal Care

Lecture-Labour Management

VH, B2-124 Richardson
Thurs April 24

(See MFM-1)

VH, B2-124 Richardson
Tues April 29 OB Emergencies-1: Eclampsia, Shoulder Dystocia, Cord Prolapse

Case Presentations

VH, B2-124 Usher
Thurs May 1 OB Emergencies-2: APH, PPH, Breech

(See Ob-Emergencies-1)

VH, B2-124 Lovett
Tues May 6 Office Gyn 1: Menopause/HRT

Case Presentations

VH, B2-124 Oraif
Thurs May 8 Office Gyn: Infertility & Anovolulation

(no items)

VH, B2-124 Feyles
Tues May 13
Gyn Onc-1

Case Presenttions

VH, B2-124 Prefontaine
Thurs May 15 Reproductive Ethics VH, B2-124 Nisker
Tues May 20 Urogyn-2: Prolapse

(See Urogyn-1

VH, B2-124 Chou
Thurs May 22 Urogyn-1: Incontinence

Case Presentations
Lecture-Urinary Incontinence

VH, B2-124 Maruncic
Tues May 27 Office Gyn 2: Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis

(See Office Gyn: menopause, etc)

VH, B2-124 Fellows
Thurs May 29 Gyn Onc-2

(See Gyn Onc-1)

VH, B2-124 Prefontaine

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Clerks' Hospital Assignments

Block 6: April 22 - June 1

LHSC Clerks
It pays to check the links in this section frequently since updates are often posted. Look for the posting date to be sure that you have the most current version

On-Call Schedules
Red Day/Night Red Night
Blue Day/Night Blue Night
Gyn Clerk Schedule Gyn Onc Schedule

Extra Clinics - Available for all LHSC clerks (changes weekly)

Link from your name below to your personalized schedule

WRH Clerks

No. Name No. NAME No. Name
1 Aziz, Salman 9 Cuddy, Karl 1 Che, Chun
2 Cavanagh, Angela 10 Lubanovic, Matthew 2 Fernando, Dilan
3 Khami, Maria 11 Ngai, Will 3 Kim, Dowan
4 Nassrallah, Georges 12 Travers, Carolyn 4 Ward, Caitlin
5 Choy, Tommy     5 Wong, Matthew
6 Kodous, Nardeen        
7 Mundi, Neil        
8 Um, Sung        
  Clerk 1 Clerk 2
Sarnia Jiang, Alex  
Chatham Ropchan Adam  
St. Thomas Lee, Jooho  
Stratford Fear, Thomas  
Woodstock Wijayanayaka, Dilini  

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