* AEF is the acronym for the Department's "Academic Enrichment Fund"


The Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology fosters academic development and advancements in women's health care and reproduction. Scholarly activity by faculty, residents and post-graduate trainees is supported through the Academic Enrichment Travel Fund, (AEF Travel Fund) managed by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Finance Committee. The Finance Committee will consider applications, as they are received, at their monthly meetings. Individuals may only submit one request per academic year (July 1st to June 30th)

Each resident will have $2000 for CME activity during his or her five-year post-graduate program. He/She can attend national meetings and/or specific courses and workshops that will enhance his/her education. These must be first approved by the PGE Committee and then submitted to AEF, for funding.

The applicant will submit an application for reimbursement prior to the planned occurrence. APPLICATIONS NEED TO BE RECEIVED AND APPROVED AT LEAST ONE MONTH PRIOR TO THE TRAVEL BEING UNDERTAKEN.

The application will not be considered for reimbursement if it has been submitted after the meeting. Money will not be awarded unless there has been Finance Committee approval prior to the meeting/course/workshop. Once approved and travel has been completed, a Western travel expense report must be prepared and submitted along with original receipts. If flying, original boarding passes are required with the receipt and, if submitting dinner receipts, the detailed dinner receipt is required as well as the names of the attendees. All receipts should be submitted to Vicki Douvalis, Finance Officer, within a month after the meeting.

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Qualifications for Application

Areas that will be considered for support will include:

  1. Travel to a scientific meeting to which the faculty member, fellow, resident or post-graduate trainee is making a scientific presentation. A copy of the accepted abstract submission must accompany the application form. Each presentation must be original research and may be funded for presentation at ONE meeting only.
  2. Travel for Department-approved professional development courses/workshops for faculty or residents (for residents, this would be part of their CME allotment). A copy of the course presentation/objectives must accompany the application form so that it can be adequately reviewed.
  3. Travel encompasses costs for transportation, registration fees and two nights accommodation, to a maximum of $2000. Completion of a proposed budget is required before the application will be considered by the Finance Committee (See Appendix I)

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Guidelines for Making Travel Fund Applications

  1. Faculty members, whose primary appointment is in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, may make applications to a maximum of $2000 per academic year, to support approved travel to attend a scientific meeting and/or workshop. Funds obtained by faculty members may be disbursed directly to the faculty member or used by their post-graduate trainees.
  2. Fellows and residents may make applications up to a maximum of $2000 per academic year, to support approved travel to attend a scientific meeting.
  3. Residents may make applications up to a maximum of $2000 during their five-year post-graduate program, for CME activity (see Introduction section for details).
  4. Post-graduate trainees of members who hold a cross appointment in the Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology may claim an annual maximum of $1000 per academic year per person to support approved travel to attend a scientific meeting or workshop.

How to submit your application

Take your pick:

  1. You may request a paper application form from the Departmental Office by e-mailing: Vicki Douvalis.
  2. You may download these rules and an application form in PDF, complete it by hand and mail it to Vicki Douvalis in the Department Office (see address above)
  3. You may download the WORD version, complete it on your computer and then send it as an attachment back to the Dept Office. (PREFERRED)

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