Contact the Department

Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
B2-401, London Health Sciences Centre-Victoria Hospital
800 Commissioners Road East
London Ontario, Canada
N6A 5W9
Phone: 519-646-6380
Fax: 519-646-6177


Staff Contacts

Name & Email
Administrative Officer
Laurie Lockington-Wong
LHSC-VH, B2-402
Ph: 519-646-6144
Fax: 519-646-6177
Undergraduate Education Coordinator

Jennifer Cordick LHSC-VH, B2-404 Ph:  519-685-8500 x. 53508
Admin Assistant
LHSC-VH, B2-401
Ph: 519-646-6380
Fax: 519-646-6177
Financial Officer/Human Resources
LHSC-VH, B2-404
Ph: 519-646-6192
Fax: 519-646-6177
Post graduateEducation Coordinator
LHSC-VH, B2-404
Ph: 519-646-6171
Fax: 519-646-6177
REI Division Office/Fellowship Coordinator
LHSC-VH, Room E3-620
Ph: 519-685-8500 x 32916
Fax: 519-663-3938
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Faculty Leaders

Name and Email
Chair/Chief Dr. Maggie Rebel
LHSC-VH, B2-403
Ph: 519-646-6380
Fax: 519-646-6213
Director, Undergraduate Education
LHSC-VH, B2-412
Ph: 519-646-6106
Fax: 646-6213
Deputy Director, Undergraduate Education
Dr. S. Akhtar LHSC-VH, B2-454 Ph: 519-685-8002
Fax: 685-8071
Coordinator, UGE Windsor Dr. B. Jasey 700 Tecumseh Road, East
Windsor, ON N8X 4T2
Ph: 519-258-1592
Clerkship Coordinators
LHSC-VH, B2-443
Ph: 519-685-8500 x 52631
WRH-Dr. B. Jasey
700 Tecumseh Road, East
Windsor, ON N8X 4T2
Ph: 519-258-1592
Director, Post Graduate Education
Dr. T. Crumley LHSC-VH, B2-434 Ph: 519-646-6401
fax: 519-646-6010
Coordinator, PGE Windsor
Dr. G. Hasen
129-2224 Walker Rd
Windsor, ON
N8W 5L7
Ph: 519-254-6461
Academic Director, SWOMEN (Rural-Regional)
Dr. C. Nasello
208-857 Grand Ave
Chatham, ON
N7L 4T1
Ph: 519-351-0626
Director, MFM Fellowship Dr. L. Lopez LHSC-VH, B2-412 Ph: 519-646-6106
fax: 519-646-6213
Director, REI Fellowship Dr. J. Hollett-Caines LHSC-VH, E3-639 Ph: 519-646-6103
fax: 519-646-6324
Director, UroGyn Fellowship Dr. Q. Chou LHSC-VH, B2-443 Ph: 519-646-6343
fax: 519-646-6253
Director, CME
Dr.J. Nisker LHSC-VH, E2-620E
Ph: 519-685-8781
fax: 519-685-8783
Chair, Research Committee
LHSC-VRL, A4-836
519-685-8500 x 56347
Deputy Director, Research Dr. B. deVrijer LHSC-VH, B2-412 Ph: 519-646-6106
fax: 519-6213
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