Welcome Family Medicine Residents!!!!

We at Victoria Hospital look forward to having you join us.  Our rotation involves exposure to the delivery room, gynaecological emergencies and general OB/GYN clinics.  It can be tailored to best serve your needs.  You will get out of it what you put in it.  Before starting the rotation there are a couple of things you need to do.

  1. Please review the objectives of the rotation
  2. Please email my secretary, Vanessa Stuckless (Vanessa.Stuckless@lhsc.on.ca) if you have not received an email from her with your calendar for the rotation.
  3. Family Medicine evaluation forms can be found in the "Forms Cupboard" (which is also on the menu to the right) under the heading, "Forms of Use to Residents." Please print out at least 3 evaluation forms to be distributed to at least 2 consultants in OB/GYN or Family Medicine that you have worked with during the rotation.  One of the evaluations can be done by a senior OB/GYN resident.  These must be completed and returned to me by the evaluation day.  I am not one of the individuals who fill out these forms as I do my own evaluation.
  4. Please review the Orientation information before your first day.
  5. Please go to the Delivery Room at Victoria Hospital at 7 am to meet with the resident team.  There will be a meeting with myself as well which will be on your schedule to answer any questions about how the rotation will run.
  6. If you have vacation requests please email or fax the vacation request form to us.  We require you to attend at least 3 wks of the rotation.  Otherwise holidays are not usually a problem.
  7. We have residents do 4 call-days per month including 1 weekend-day.  Please speak with the chief resident regarding the call schedule when you arrive on rotation.
  8. Evaluation of seminars given and of the faculty is also greatly appreciated.  Please hand these in at the end of the rotation.  They are available in the "Forms Cupboard" (see link on right side of this page) as well.  (See Seminar Evaluation and Faculty Evaluation)

    If you have any questions of me, my email is joanne.kirby@lhsc.on.ca .


Hope you have a great rotation!!
Joanne Kirby

Updated January 9, 2013

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