Promoting the health of women is our life’s work here in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western. We are happy to be able to share with you the scope of our activities and provide you with more information on our research in the field of women's health care — our past achievements and our hopes for the future.

We Provide Patient Care

Each year, we deliver 5500 babies and perform 3600 Gynaecological procedures, including many procedures related to cancer. Because we are the region’s only high risk maternity care centre we also care for 1800 women with high risk pregnancies each year.  We are one of the largest women's health care providers in Canada. We strive to provide each patient with excellent clinical care in disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment. One million women across Southwestern Ontario rely on us for help when they need specialized care.

We Educate Physicians

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology’s educational programs ensure Southwestern Ontario doctors are able to acquire leading-edge knowledge and skills on a continuing basis. In addition, we educate medical trainees, both undergraduates and post-graduates (residents), many of whom will go on to provide health care for women in our region in the future. Finally, we offer CME programs for Ob/Gyns across Southwestern Ontario. See what CME has offered lately.

We Conduct World Class Research

Medical excellence starts with research, research that advances basic scientific knowledge and research that translates that new knowledge into treatments that improve patient care. Thus, we investigate the conditions for healthy embryonic, fetal, newborn and infant development, the processes to maintain and treat gynaecological and reproductive health as women grow older and the causes and cures of gynaecological and obstetrical disease and disorders. This knowledge is then used to identify preventative strategies, develop new treatments, improve current treatments and create clinical practice standards that doctors across Canada use every day. Another key area of research is to inform the development of public policies related to women's health. We help ensure public health dollars are spent wisely by analyzing the pros and cons of various treatment strategies, identifying and investigating population-wide women's health issues and researching the ethical and social issues important to the health of women and children.

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