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Thesis Focus/Study Title


Completion Date

Kay Vallee
PhD Student (2013-present)

The Experiences of Undergraduate Nursing Students in Community Health Promotion Nursing, UWO In progress

Nisha Sutherland
PhD Student (2009-present)

Gender & Class Relations in In-home Hospice Palliative Cancer Care: A Critical Analysis

Nursing, UWO

In progress

Tammy Tsang
MSc Student (2009-2012)

Exploring the Intergenerational Care Relationship Between Chinese Canadians and their Elderly Relatives

Health Studies, UWO

January 2012

Paula Anjos
MSc Student (2009-2011)
Gendered Expectations and Exemptions Experiences by Male Double Duty Caregivers Nursing, UWO December 2011
Ryan DeForge,
PhD Student (2007- 2013)

Examining the Culture of Dementia Care Knowledge

Health and Rehab Sciences, UWO November 2013
Angela Wilkinson,
MScN Student (2006-2009)
Relationships Between Hospital Based Perinatal Nurses and Clients Using Substances: A Critical Feminist Study Nursing, UWO September 2009

Oona St-Amant,
PhD Student (2008-present)

MScN Student (2006-2008)

A Critical Examination of the Social Organizations within Canadian NGOs in the Provision of HIV/AIDS Healthcare in Tanzania

Adult children, sibling and sibling-in-law relationships in home-based dementia care: The negotiation of care

Nursing, UWO


Nursing, UWO

In progress


September 2008

Abram Oudshoorn,
PhD Student (2005-2011)

MScN Student (fast-track)/
CIHR Trainee (2004-2005)

Client-provider relationships in a community health centre for homeless persons: A critical ethnography

Client-nurse relationships within palliative care: A critical analysis

Nursing, UWO


Nursing, UWO

April 2011


September 2005

Sarah Bender,
MScN Student (2004-2006)
The Roles of Family Members in Providing Home-based Palliative Care Nursing, UWO December 2006
Kay Crosato,
MScN Student (2004-2006)
Aboriginal Women Caregivers of elders in geographically isolated settings Nursing, UWO December 2006
Elizabeth Krestick ,
MScN Student (2003-2006)

Exploring nurse-client relationships within the context of home-based palliative care

Nursing, UWO July 2006
Kim Kempa, Dias,
MScN Student (2003-2005)
Building relationships with adolescent students in the school community: A feminist perspective Nursing, UWO November 2005
Anita Peterson,
MScN Student (1999-2001)

The nurses’ journey through formal and informal caregiving

Nursing, UWO

April 2001

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