Finding a Supervisor

The Importance of a Supervisor

Choosing a supervisor is one of the most important decisions you'll make in graduate school. They'll be your mentor and adviser, and you'll work together closely throughout your graduate career.

Researching Potential Supervisors

You should select a supervisor with a strong record of research and publication in your area of interest. When looking into potential supervisors for your program, become familiar with the type of research they do and their working style.

  • Read journals or conference papers, and sit in on any presentations.
  • Look on their web site and read their CV. Their publications should give you a sense of the type of research you'd be doing.
  • Talk to their students to get a sense of how you'd fit together.

Finding the Perfect Fit

Contact each of your potential supervisors to discuss your research interests, and see if they would be interested and available. Be sure to ask them about their availability during your graduate program, and whether they're planning any extended absences during that time.

When considering potential supervisors you should talk to several professors before asking one to become your supervisor. Be sure you understand what your prospective supervisor would expect of you as a graduate student.

The department's graduate administrator will be familiar with faculty members' expertise, teaching and research schedules. They'll know how many graduates each person is currently supervising, and can often help you create an initial short list of likely candidates.

Neuroscience Core Faculty
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Ansari, Daniel - Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience of Number Processing
Bai, Donglin - Glutametergic/GABA receptor physiology
Brown, Arthur - Neural development and axonal guidance
Cain, Donald Peter - Neural Plasticity, Learning and Memory
Cechetto, David - Forebrain Control of the Autonomic Nervous System & Stroke
Ciriello, John - Central Mechanisms in the Control of Blood Pressure
Coolen, Lique - The neurobiology of motivation and reward
Corneil, Brian - Neural mechanisms of eye-head gaze shifts
Culham, Jody - fMRI of visuomotor control and perception
Dekaban, Greg - Anti-inflammatory and Gene Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury
Doherty, Timothy - Human neuromuscular physiology in health and disease
Everling, Stefan - The role of frontal cortex in decision making.
• Finger, Elizabeth -
Garland, S. Jayne - Human Motor Control
Goodale, Melvyn - Neural Substrates of Visually Guided Movements
Gribble, Paul - Human sensory-motor control; motor learning; computational models
Hampson, Elizabeth - Neural and Hormonal Mechanisms in Human Cognition
Han, Victor - Growth Factors in Neural Growth and Differentiation
Hore, Jonathan - Cerebellar Control of Movement
Joanisse, Marc - Language acquisition and disorders; connectionist models
Jog, Mandar - Movement Disorders and Neuronal Ensemble Recordings
Jones, Douglas - Central Integration of Cardiovascular and Behavioral Regulation
Kavaliers, Martin - Neuropeptides, Animal Behavior and Environmental Factors
Kiernan, John - Cellular Mechanisms in Neuronal Degeneration and Regeneration
Köhler, Stefan - Human memory; cognitive neuroscience; human brain mapping
• Lanius, Ruth - Post-traumatic stress disorder
Laviolette, Steve - The neurobiology of emotional learning and memory in drug addiction, schizophrenia and autism
Lehman, Michael - Neuroendocrine control of reproduction; circadian rhythms
Leung, Stan - Epilepsy, Neural Rhythms and Neural Plasticity
Lomber, Stephen - Adaptive Neuroplasticity in Visual and Auditory Cortex
MacDougall-Shackleton, Scott - Integrative animal behaviour; seasonal changes in the brain
Martin, Ruth - Brain Mechanisms in Swallowing
• McDonald, John -
McRae, Ken - Language Comprehension in the Mind and Brain
Meakin, Susan - Mechanisms Regulating Functional Interactions of 'trk' protooncogene
Menon, Ravi - Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Human Brain
Mirsattari, Seyed - Clinical/experimental epilepsy and simultaneous EEG-fMRI/MRS
Mitchell, Derek - Cognitive neuroscience of emotional dysregulation and control
Morton, Bruce - The Development of Cognitive Control and Frontal Cortex Functioning
Mymryk, Joe S. - Studies of viral oncogene function using yeast genetics
Ossenkopp, Peter - Neural Mechanisms of Behavioural Regulatory Processes
Peters, Terry - Image-Guided Neurosurgery
Poulter, Michael - Epilepsy and Depression
• Prado, Marco -
Purcell, David - physiological & perceptual measures of auditory function; auditory feedback in speech maintenance
Rajakumar, Nagalingam - Dopamine neurotransmission in Basal Ganglia Disorders
Rushlow, Walter - Signaling mechanisms schizophrenia and antipsychotics
Rylett, R. Jane - Mechanisms Regulating Cholinergic Neurotransmission
Schmid, Susanne - Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Behaviour and Learning
Sherry, David - Memory and the Hippocampus of Birds
Sims, Stephen - Control of Ionic Channels in Cell Membranes
Singh, Shiva M. - Molecular genetics of schizophrenia and alcoholism
Strong, Michael - Motor Neuron Disease, Neurofilament Metabolism, AL Neurotoxicity
Timney, Brian - Aspects of Binocular Vision
Vilis, Tutis - Transformations for Action. Motor Control of the Eye and Hand
• Williamson, Peter - Functional MRI in Neuropsychiatric Disorders




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