National Centre for Audiology

Anechoic Chamber

The Anechoic Chamber

The Beltone Anechoic Chamber, built in 2000, is an excellent example of the superior research facilities housed by The National Centre for Audiology. The word "anechoic" literally means "without echo" and to achieve this specific condition, the chamber is built of specialized material to minimize sound reflection and external noise. The interior room measures approximately 18 feet high by 23 feet wide by 12 feet deep, and is equipped with a 125 Hz cut-off wedge system on the walls and ceiling and removable sound absorbing panels on the floor. The exterior walls are composed of thick cement and are covered with reflective material to prevent outside noise from entering the chamber. This facility supports a wide range of research projects requiring a highly-controlled sound field environment. Researchers in the fields of MusicAudiologyHearing Science, and Engineering all make use of this facility.